A Hat in Time – Alpine Skyline

Secret Alpine Skyline Sticker

Finding the sticker

  • Make your way to the start of the path to the Bird Sanctuary
  • Take the Path on your right
  • Take the zipline to the Purrloined Village

a hat in time secret alpine skyline sticker 1

  • Make your way through the village as normal but before you make the last jump to the platform with a tightrope leading to a chest you should see a tree in front of you
  • Climb on that tree and look to your right to find the sticker

a hat in time secret alpine skyline sticker 2

All done! Enjoy your new sticker, hope this helped

How did you find this?

During your playthrough of the Nyakuza Metro DLC you are informed that a secret sticker has spawned at Alpine Skyline after a while i noticed that when you are in the room to enter the Nyakuza Metro, turn around and behind you you’ll see an advert for what looks like a place in the Alpine Skyline

a hat in time secret alpine skyline sticker 3

I wandered around the skyline till i saw somewhere that looked similar to the advert and went looking there. Lo and behold the sticker was there.

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