ATOM RPG Crafting Recipes – Full List

Welcome to the ATOM RPG Crafting Recipes guide, where we will provide you the full list of recipes & ingredients in the game

atom rpg crafting recipes full list

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ATOM RPG Crafting Recipes – Weapons

Weapons Crafting Recipes – Melee

  • Shiv (Lvl 1): Sharpening stone (or Brick), Electrical Tape and also Spoon (or Fork)
  • Broken Bottle (Lvl 1): Brick also Empty Bottle
  • Sharpened knife (Lvl 3): Sharpening stone and also Knife
  • Spiked Club (Lvl 5): Club and also Nails
  • Stone Knife (Lvl 10): Stone Tool, Electrical Tape and also Sharpening Stone
  • Svinchatka (Lvl 10): Scrap metal and also Sharpening stone (or Brick)
  • Shovel (Lvl 10): Broken shovel handle, Nails and also Scrap Metal
  • Quality Knuckleduster (Lvl 20): Svinchatka, Brick and also Scrap Metal
  • Claw Knuckleduster (Lvl 30): 2 Quality Knuckleduster, Scrap Metal and also 2 Nails
  • Knife Knuckleduster (Lvl 40): Claw Knuckleduster, Scrap Metal and also Sharpened knife (or knife or Rusty knife)
  • Weighted Glove (Lvl 10): 2 Bandana, Rope and also Svinchatka
  • Spiked Glove (Lvl 10): 2 Weighted Glove, Wires (or Rope), 2 Nails and also 2 Rabbit Skin
  • Weighted Glove (Lvl 10): 2 Spiked Glove, Scrap Metal, Toolbox and also 2 Rabbit Skin

Weapons Crafting Recipes – Pistols

  • Zip Gun (Lvl 10): Scrap Metal, a Log and also Wires (or Rope)
  • Custom Revolver (Lvl 20): Zip Gun, Scrap Metal, 2x Nails and also Electrical Tape
  • Custom Sawed Off Shotgun (Lvl 30): Zip Gun, 2x Scrap Metal, Wires (or Rope) and also Empty Tin
  • Percussion Revolver (Lvl 30): Custom Revolver, Scrap Metal, 2x Empty Tin and also Electrical Tape (or Wires)
  • Custom Air Pistol (Lvl 30): Zip Gun, Scrap Metal, Fire Extinguisher, And also 2 Empty Bottle
  • A quality Zip Gun (Lvl 40): Zip Gun, 2 Scrap Metal, Toolbox, and also Wires
  • Three Barrel Handgun (Lvl 45): Custom Sawed off shotgun, Toolbox, 2 Scrap Metal and also wires
  • Percussion Revolver+ (Lvl 45): Percurssion Revolver, Scrap Metal, 2x Electrical Tape, Toolbox, and also Electrical Tape (or Wires)

Weapons Crafting Recipes – Rifles

  • Pipe Rifle (Lvl 10): Scrap Metal, a Log (or a club) and also Electrical Tape
  • Custom Double Barrel (Lvl 30): Pipe Rifle, Scrap Metal, Wires and also Empty Tin
  • Custom Rifle (Lvl 35): Pipe Rifle, Scrap Metal, 3 Magnifying glass and also 2 Empty Tin
  • Tri Barrel Gun (Lvl 40): Custom Double Barrel, 2 Scrap metal, a Log and also 2 Empty Bottle
  • Magazine Rifle (Lvl 50): Custom Rifle, 2 Scrap Metal, 2 Wires and also Piece of a tire
  • Sniper Rifle (Lvl 50): Magazine Rifle, Scrap Metal, 2 Electrical Tape and also toolbox
  • Four Barrel Gun (Lvl 50): Tri Barrel Gun, Scrap metal, 2 Wires (or 2 Rope) and also Toolbox

Weapons Crafting Recipes – Crossbows

  • Custom Made Crossbow (Lvl 10): A log, Rope and also Babushka Scarf
  • Wooden Crossbow (Lvl 20): Custom made Crossbow, Scrap metal, Rope and also Babushka Scarf
  • Metal Crossbow (Lvl 30): Wooden Crossbow, 2 Scrap Metal, 3 Empty Tin and also 2 Rope
  • Heavy Crossbow (Lvl 40): 2 Metal Crossbow, Scrap Metal 3 Wires (or 3 Rope) and also Toolbox

Weapons Crafting Recipes – Explosives

  • Custom Made Grenade (Lvl 10): Empty Tin, 2 Gunpowder and also 2 Wires
  • Molotov Cocktail (Lvl 20): Empty Bottle, Diesel (or gasoline) and also Camo Bandana (or also Khaku Scarf or Scarf with dots)
  • Homemade Grenade (Lvl 20): Ant Salivary gland, Diesel (or Gasoline) and also Soap
  • F-1 Grenade (Lvl 55): F-1 Grenade (Training), Dynamite and also Scrap Metal
  • Explosive with a makeshift timer (Lvl 60): Dynamite stick, Wires, Alarm clock and also Lantern battery

ATOM RPG Crafting Recipes – Ammo

  • Pellets (Lvl 5): Scrap Metal, a Log and also Wastepaper
  • Zip Gun Round (Lvl 5): Scrap Metal, Gunpowder and also Wastepaper
  • Zip Gun Shot Round (Lvl 5): Nails, Gunpowder and also Wastepaper
  • Crossbow bolt (Lvl 5): Empty Tin, A log and also Empty bottle
  • Metal Bolt (Lvl 5): 2 Empty Tin, 2 Scrap Metal and also Wires

ATOM RPG Crafting Recipes – Armor

  • Tire Armor (Lvl 10): 2 Piece of a Tire, Camo Bandana (or Khaki Scarf or Scarf with dots), wires and also Scrap Metal
  • Thorny Armor (Lvl 20): Scrap metal, Rabbit Skin, Wires (or Rope) and also 2 Nails
  • Leather breastplate (Lvl 30): 2 Rabbit Skin, 2 Babushka Scarf, 2 Wires (or 2 Rope) and also Toolbox
  • Steel breastplate (Lvl 50): 3 Scrap metal, 2 Rabbit skin, 2 Wires (or rope) and also toolbox
  • DIY Respirator (Lvl 5): 2 Empty Bottle, Wires, Babushka scafrf and also 2 Electrical tape
  • DIY Helmet (Lvl 10): 2 Scrap metal, Babushka scarf, 2 electrical tape and also nails
  • Bag (Lvl 1): Babushka scarf, 2 Wires and also 2 Empty bottles
  • Shield of Count Roevsky (Lvl 1): Shield piece and also Super Glue
  • Wild Shield (Lvl 10): 2 Log and also Nails
  • Cast Iron Shield (Lvl 30): 2 Log, 2 Scrap metal, Wires (or rope) and also 2 Piece of a tire

ATOM RPG Crafting Recipes – Consumable

  • Rotten Toadstool (Lvl 1): Toadstool, 2 magnifying glass and also Wastepaper
  • Salted Fish (Lvl 2): Horned smelt (or Humpback or Three eyed trout) and also Salt
  • Corned Meat (Lvl 2): Meat and also Salt
  • Cigarette Ciggy (Lvl 2): Tobacco and also Wastepaper (or Toilet paper)
  • Joint (Lvl 5): Devil’s Weed and also Wastepaper (or Toilet paper)
  • Potion of animal Interaction (Lvl 5): Old boot, Cucumber brine, Moonshine and also Toadstool
  • Healing Powder (Lvl 15): Herb Collection, Bandana (or Khaki scarf or Scarf with dots) and also Rotten Toadstool
  • Wolf Antidote (Lvl 20): Milk, Onion and also Rotten Toadstool

ATOM RPG Crafting Recipes – Fishing Rod

  • Fishing Rod (Lvl 50): Rope, Electrical Tape, Nails and also 2 Empty Bottle

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