Back to the Cabin Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to The Back to the Cabin Walkthrough & Guide, where we will provide you all the choices and secrets to reach the highest levels to unlock all the scenes in the game

back to the cabin walkthrough guide

Back to the Cabin Walkthrough – Mom

Preparing a Fire

You need these items:

  • Fire Extinguisher: Hallway
  • Matches: Livingroom
  • Kindling: Outside Front/Back
  • Bearded Axe: Outside Back > Shed
  • Chopped Wood: Outside Back > Shed

When you have them all go to the living room and prepare the fire.

To keep preparing fires, you will need more wood

Sleep with her

(requires: Preparing a fire)

Sleep with her (her room) 5 nights (22:00) to unlock more quests

Massages – Office

(requires: Sleep with her)

Mom is at the office most of the time, Help her out and massage her up to 3 times a day

Peek – Bathroom

(requires: Sleep with her)

Mom is at the bathroom at 13:00, 20:00 and 21:00

1- Key: The first time you try to peek there will be a key, remove it when she is not inside

2- Boiler: Peek on her until you unlock the bathroom window. The first time you try the bathroom window, you won’t be able to see anything. Check the Boiler (Basement) > Take the book (Bookshelf > Office) > Go to your room and study the User Manual Boiler > Go to the Boiler (Basement) > Pick the Torx > Set the Boiler to 30ºC > peek through the window

3- Cream: You will get an extra scene when you peek if you use her body lotion (bathroom) when she is not there.

Cooking – Kitchen

(requires: Sleep with her)

Mom starts cooking at 18:00

Assist her (cooking) until you have to answer 3 questions, the answers are: Tight, Fingers curled & Low.

Keep assisting her (cooking) until you can add more oil to the food, keep adding more oil to the food until she decides to exercise.

Yoga – Outside Back

(requires: Cooking)

She will be doing yoga at 9:00 (Outside back). Help her and unlock all the options until to can join her and you unlock her drawer. To progress yo need to use the bottom choice. But you will also unlock her panties (third choice – Drawer) > choose smell panties

Sneak in her Room

(requires: Yoga)

Check her 3rd drawer > Smell Panti*es, do it again and choose take panties. Wait untill night (24:00) in your room and use the panties. Choose stop to unlock her room at night. If you don’t choose to stop you will have to dispose of them at the basement before you can take a new pair from the drawer.

Next Steps

  • Go to the town to get groceries
  • Prepare a fire and talk to her at 21:00 (living room) > Talk about her past
  • Visit the lake (outside front)

Final Scenes

  • Buy the massage oil and give her massages at evening (20:00 – her room)
  • Prepare romantic dinners for her, buy the ingredients at the shop and enjoy the dinner (monday – 18:00)
  • Buy the bikini and the sunbathing lotion (clothes shop) and go to the lake with her
  • You can also go hiking with her, but there are not scenes

Back to the Cabin Walkthrough – Hannibal

You will meet Hannibal after you get the groceries, talk aboyt mom’s past and visit the lake with her.

The first choices doesn’t matter, but try to do everything by yourself.

Hunt the Boars

Go to Hannibal’s house before 12:00 > Offer to help > review the rules (to aim) > and start the practice

Go back to Hannibal’s house and hunt the boars 3 more times to unlock the forest. You will also earn 10 money each boar you hunt.

If you need some money you can Hunt boars again, but you won’t need it if you hunt all the available boars before.

Back to the Cabin Walkthrough – Eleanor

Go to the shop in a weekday, during the day and talk to her to unlock her house.

You can go to her house on Saturday or Sunday > go there and talk to her until you unlock the massage and your first scenes. You will also earn 150 money per massage.

Back to the Cabin Walkthrough – Mary

Visit her at the shoop on weekends (saturday or sunday) to unlock Amanda and also to progress with her. Visit the old farm (complete Amanda’s route) and then go to Eleanor’s house on a weekday > choose shout out > Yes and enjoy the 2 paths (pizza or forest) and scenes (are repeteable)

Back to the Cabin Walkthrough – Amanda

(requires: talk to mary at the shoop on weekends)

Visit the Old farm and use all the dialogue options, there are not scenes yet

Back to the Cabin Walkthrough – Natalie

You will meet Natalie at the clothes shop, when you buy the bikini for your mom. But there are not scenes yet.

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