Below Recipes – Crafting Guide

Wellcome to our Below Recipes Guide, where we will tell you how to craft everything in the game: survival items, crafting items, arrows, traps, weapons, and more.

Below recipes

Below Recipes – Crafting Guide

Most of the items you will find while playing can be used to craft other items. We will tell you what ingredients you need to craft whatever you want available in the game:

(guide under construction, come back later for more)

Below Recipes Guide – Survival Items

These are all the Survival Item´s you can craft, start with them if you want to survive longer: Bandage, bandage+, salve trap, torch and also torch+

  • Bandage: Blood Moss + Sludge + String
  • Bandage +: Blood Moss + Sludge + Leather
  • Salve Trap: Blood Moss + Sludge + Weave
  • Torch: Stick + String + Ember
  • Torch +: Stick + String + Phosphor

Below Recipes – Crafting items

You need this items to craft other items, but there are craftable: Bundle, Phosphor, Weave and also spike

  • Bundle: Stick + Stick + Stick
  • Phosphor: Ember + Ember + Ember
  • Weave: String + String + String
  • Spike: Shard + Shard + Shard

Below Recipes – Traps

These are all the Trap´s you can craft: bombs, caltrops and also mines

  • Bomb: Skull + String + Phosphor
  • Caltrops: Blood Moss + Spike + Shard
  • Mine: Skull + Spike + Phosphor

Below Recipes – Arrows

These are all the Arrow´s you can craft: normal, spike arrows, fire arrows and also bomb arrows

  • Arrow: Stick + Leather + Shard
  • 4 Arrows: Bundle + Leather + Shard
  • Spike Arrow: Stick + Spike + Shard
  • 4 Spike Arrow: Bundle + Spike + Shard
  • Fire Arrow: Stick + Leather + Ember
  • 4 Fire Arrow: Bundle + Leather + Ember
  • Bomb Arrow: Stick + String + Phosphor
  • 4 Bomb Arrow: Bundle + String + Phosphor

Below Recipes – Weapons

These are all the Weapon´s you can craft: Crystal Rod

  • Crystal Rod: Crystal + Bundle + Weave

(guide under construction, come back later for more)

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