Bendy and the Ink Machine – Ink Demon’s Near in Chapter 3

Ink Demon’s Near in Chapter 3

Showing you how to tell if that flipping Bendy is nearby in Chapter 3, also another thing that I’ve noticed is that on Level P Bendy comes every 2 minutes and 39 seconds, Level K I have no idea, but on Level 11 he spawns every 14 minutes (not including the stairs.)

1. Sudden freezing. If your screen suddenly becomes laggy and slow, he’s headed to your floor.

2.Clanging, if you hear sounds like somone crawling through a vent he might make a stop.

3. Frame rate drops. That means if like your screen shrinks slightly.

4. The ink on the walls. I know that’s totally obvious but remember it can bleed through walls, so you can see if he’s close to that really long hall or in the stairs.

5. The horn. When Bendy’s near he’ll make a faint prrrrrr sound.

6. Aggressive music. Not only occors when Bendy’s close but when he see’s you!

8. Thumps. He emmits thumping noises which I believe is his heart beat.

9. Hissing. Bendy hisses which is probably his breathing.

10. Creaking. Very hard to hear but did save my life.

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