BitLife Ribbons Guide

Welcome to our BitLife Ribbons guide, where we will provide you the keys and requirements to earn the eleven ribbons of the game

bitlife ribbons

There are 11 Ribbons: Rich, Mediocre, Lazy, Fertile, Unlucky, Wasteful, Lustful, Academic, Scandalous, Loaded and finally Hero. And we provide you the keys and requirements to earn them all:

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BitLife Ribbons – Rich

Rich Requirement: Net worth of at least 1 million

You need 1 million to be classified as a rich and earn this ribbon. And as you probably already know, to earn so much money you should forget about relations, family, love,etc

BitLife Ribbons – Mediocre

Mediocre Requirement: Achieve nothing

Mediocre is one of the easiest ribbons of the game, because you dont need to achieve anything, just be Mediocre.

What Helps: You should try to lose your job, dont have successful relationships (friends, love, family…), dont earn too much money, and if you can go to prison would be great. Try to be mediocre in everything you do, dont try to have properties or vehicles…

BitLife Ribbons – Lazy

Lazy Requirement: Press the Age button until your dead, without doing anything else

Lazy is also one of the easiest ribbons of the game, in fact is easier than Mediocre. Because pressing the age button until your dead wont take you too much time. You dont have to spend time with your family, working or improving yourself, just press de button until you die.

BitLife Ribbons – Fertile

Fertile Requirement: At least 4 children

If for the rich ribbon you need to be focussed in making money, and nothing else. For the Fertile Ribbon is the same but with children. Dont try to achieve anything else and have kids as soon as you can.

BitLife Ribbons – Unlucky

Unlucky Requirement: End your life early by no fault of your own

It is something that happens every 3 or 4 lifes, so just keep playing until you get it. You can earn the unlucky ribbon dying from a terminal illness, a car crash, so it does not depend on you

BitLife Ribbons – Wasteful

Wasteful Requirement: Die before yo press the age button

Even easier than Lazy. Begin a life and die befor pressing the age button.

BitLife Ribbons – Lustful

Lustful Requirement: Fornicate a lot

Have as many partners or lovers as you can, try to do threesomes and one night stands in every opportunity you have

BitLife Ribbons – Academic

Academic Requirement: Study hard

Is one of the hardest ribbons to earn, because you need to study hard during your whole life. Fisrt in the school, then at university and finally higher education.

BitLife Ribbons – Scandalous

Scandalous Requirement: Be aggressive

Just fight and be aggressive in every opportunity you have, and try to spend several years in prison.

BitLife Ribbons – Loaded

Loaded Requirement: Earn over 10 million

If earn the rich ribbon was hard, earn the Loaded ribbon is of course harder. So, just make as much money as you can, and forget about anything else.

BitLife Ribbons – Hero

Hero Requirement: Avoid confrontations

Forgive everything and avoid confrontations. just be nice with everyone, is the opposite of scandalous

BitLife Ribbons – Cunning

Cunning Requirement: Escape from Prison (dont get in again)

Maybe the best choice you have is a sex change. You can also try to emigrate (they can caught you) or try to live a low profile life.

BitLife Ribbons – Temmate

Teammate Requirement: Be part of a working team

The easiest way is to be a mobile developer, but of course you can try another career path. Allways a job with partners and teamwork.

BitLife Ribbons – Wicked

Wicked Requirement: Have a lot of threesomes

Focuss on crazy partners, but avoid one night stands and single encounters. You just one want threesomes.

BitLife Ribbons – Houdini

Houdini Requirement: Escape from prison as many times as you can

Like the cunning ribbon, but you need to be caught again and as many times as you can. And of course escape as many times as you can.

BitLife Ribbons – Rowdy

Rowdy Requirement: Lot of Argue & Partys

Try to be always clubbing, in house parties, and argue with everybody. But be carefull, just argue, and nothing else if you dont want to end in prison.

BitLife Ribbons – Geriatric

Geriatric Requirement: Live a lot and end your days alone

Try to live more than 100 years and end your days alone. Is Better to avoid Family and Money if you really want to earn this ribbon.

BitLife Ribbons – Stupid

Stupid Requirement: Dont improve your intelligence and just be stupid in your choices

First of all dont study anything and dont improve your intelligence. And in every choice try think as an stupid.

BitLife Ribbons – Jailbird

Jailbird Requirement: Spend a lot of time in prison

To get this one you need to avoid te scandalous ribbon, so go to prison but dont do anything scandalous like murdering. An assault should be enough, but once inside you need to enlarge your sentence, and trying to escape is a good choice if you really want the ribbon.

BitLife Ribbons – Deadly

Deadly Requirement: Several murders

Try to commit 2 or 3 murders and this ribbon should be yours. But be carefull because there are two similar ribbons, scandalous and jailbird.

BitLife Ribbons – Famous

Famous Requirement: …Be famous

There are two things that help. First of all choose a proper career path, and probably the best is acting (entertainment industry). And then use your social media accounts to earn as many followers as you can

BitLife Ribbons – Successful

Successful Requirement: Have a balanced life

Have a wife or a husband and some kids, but also some properties (a house, a car…), and a decent job. Avoid earning to much and of course avoid prison and get in trouble in general

BitLife Ribbons – Globetrotter

Globetrotter Requirement: Travel a lot

You can emigrate or you can travel in your hollydays. The key is that you will need money, but dont to much if you dont want to earn other ribbons instead of this one.

BitLife Ribbons – Addict

Addict Requirement: Drugs, drink, gambling…

Be addict to everything you can (Drugs, drink, gambling…) and dont cure your addictions

BitLife Ribbons – High Roller

High Roller Requirement: Be a good gambler

First of all you need to amass a lot of money and then you have to use it in the Casino winning in your big bets. Practice with the Casino in other lifes before trying to get this ribbon.

BitLife Ribbons – Family Guy

Family Guy Requirement: Just Your Family

Of course you will need money to have a happy family, but not too much, and everything you spend needs to increase you family´s happiness

BitLife Ribbons – Thief

Thief Requirement: Steal as much as you can without being caught

You have a lot of ways to steal (pickpocketing, burglary, etc), but you have to steal without being caught. So of course you need to be really careful, and wont be a bad idea to spend some money in the best lawyers you can find

BitLife Ribbons – Mooch

Thief Requirement: Ask every family member and every year for money

It is easier if you have a small family, and dont worry if you get the money, you just have to ask for it, but remember, every year & every member

BitLife Ribbons – Model Bitizen

Thief Requirement: Call the police when the event appears, dont try drugs or alcohol, and have the best relationship you can with all your family members

You need to focus on your family members, be ready to call the police when the event appears, and of course reject any drugs or alcohol invitacion

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