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Controller Bug FIX

Before you can do any of that, you might need to deal with a bug affecting some players. Many players have discovered they are unable to drop down a level, which is pretty much one of the most fundamental parts of a Metroidvania game like this. If you can’t drop down a level, then you cannot play. Thankfully the fix for it is straightforward.

All you need to do is deactivate V-Sync, and it should work fine from then on. The issue seems to be prevalent among people who have monitors that will go above 60 FPS, especially people running 144 Hz monitors.

To turn off V-Sync, go into the game options. If you are in-game, open your map screen, and you can access the game options in there by hitting X/Square.

Blasphemous is not the first occurrence of frame rates and game mechanics getting tied together in strange ways, and it seems to be the issue here. I honestly couldn’t even try to give you the technical reasons behind it, but this has been a known issue since the demo, the disabling V-Sync seems to fix it in pretty much all cases.

So, now the issue is fixed. You can engage in the journey as the Penitent One, and take on the dark and dangerous world of Blasphemous.

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