Blasphemous – Map v0.8

Map v0.8

Metroidvania map after Hollow Knight, Aria of Sorrow, Steamworld Dig 2, Iconoclasts, Unworthy, Dark Devotion, The Mummy Demastered, and more.

As of map v0.7, it is now 100% complete, with only clarifications and extra info being added in tiny snippets as certain quest objectives and timings become clearer.

The Map v0.8 (Game Completion: 100%)

New large image, 2x zoom available (update 25.09.2019)

blash map new

click to enlarge.

Map Creator – DEMAJEN

Note: Bone Collectibles are numbered according to Soulmyr’s Ossuary Visual Reference, reading across the rows.

Ossuary Visual Reference

The Bones

blasphemous map 2

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