Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient – Achievements & Collectibles Guide

Achievements & Collectibles Guide


Now, to my knowledge, PC controls aren’t a thing yet, but it’s not very complex.

You move with the arrow keys and you use Z X C and S to interact with things.

  • Z – your sprint button. Doesn’t do anything else that I’m aware of.
  • X – your confirm button.
  • C – your item menu button. In the menu, choose the items with the arrow keys and press X to select them.
  • S – your item use button. If an item, like the baby rattle can be used manually, you will use it with S.
  • Esc – your actual menu button. The map and medical records are accessed here.

Objective: Escape From The Operating Room

Operating Room:

  • Keep pressing X to free yourself
  • Pick up the Small Key on the chair.
  • Medical Chart 3: On the bottom left table.
  • Examine the left cabinet and open it with the Small Key to obtain Rubber Gloves.
  • Examine the surgical tools to the right of the door to obtain Forceps.
  • Examine the right cabinet to obtain ID Card.
  • Examine the cut wire of the card reader. Use Forceps on it. Then use the Rubber Gloves. Then use the ID Card.
  • Exit the room.

Hallway to Operating Room:

Medical Chart 24: Bottom left, as soon as you exit the Operating Room.

  • Head right. Cutscene. Then head up and exit through the door at the top.

Floor 2, Main Area:

  • Cutscene.
  • Medical Chart 12: Behind the top right plant, as soon as the cutscene ends. You can move the plant by standing next to it and pressing X.
  • Head left.
  • Medical Chart 7: When you can go either up-left or down, go down. It’s in plain view at the end of the hall.
  • Now head up left. The candle is your save spot with unlimited uses. Examine the Office door next to it to activate the next objective.

Objective: Get The Office Key From The Changing Room

Floor 2, Main Area:

  • Continue heading up, until you reach the door with the flashing lights in front of it. Ignore it for now.
  • Medical Chart 18: Head past the door and go down. The chart is right behind the medical cart.
  • Go back and head inside the changing room.

Changing Room:

  • Medical Chart 15: In the changing room, head to the right of the room. The chart is on a table.
  • Exit the room through the top-left exit.

Laundry Room:

  • Medical Chart 26: In the laundry room, move the plant. The chart is behind it.
  • Examine the hampers at the bottom. All are empty except for the fourth one, the one in the middle. In it, you’ll find Locker Key 1. -NOTE: Unsure if the key is in a random hamper or not, simply examine the rest if you do not find it in the fourth one.-
  • Head back to the Changing Room.

Changing Room:

  • There’s 3 columns and 3 rows of lockers. The right locker you need to use the Locker Key 1 on is in the 2nd column, 2nd row, 2nd locker from the left. You’ll obtain the Office Key.
  • Exit the room.

Floor 2, Main Area:

  • Return to the Office door, by the candle. Use the Office Key to get inside.


  • Medical Chart 29: To the left of the room, the chart is behind the plant.
  • Here you’ll face your first puzzle of the game. The door at the bottom left requires a code. Make sure you pick up the Staff List on the left-most desk, if you want to solve it on your own (You can examine the Staff List by examining it in your inventory using X).
  • There’s hints all over the room.
  • The code to the bottom left door is 0221.

Floor 2, Main Area:

  • Medical Chart 5: As you exit the Office, head down and then right. The chart is at the very end of the hall, behind the top plant.
  • Medical Chart 4: From the last Chart, just head all the way left. This chart is in plain view at the end of the left hallway.
  • Head back the way you came. From the Office exit, head left. You’ll see a ghost, don’t worry, it’s harmless. Don’t follow it yet.
  • Medical Chart 2: Just down from the vending machines. It’s in plain sight.
  • Exit through the northern exit, then follow the ghost down the stairs.

Floor 1, Main Area:

  • Head down. Don’t bother with the ghost, as it will head into a locked room. Head left into the ladies bathroom instead.
  • Medical Chart 28: In the ladies room, in the right-most stall.
  • Exit the toilets and head right until a cutscene opens up the Pharmacy door. Go in.


  • Medical Chart 25: Right as you enter, next to the blue-screened computer.
  • Head past the nurse -feel free to examine her if you want- into the daycare section.


  • Pick up the Rattle on the floor. Examine the drawing on the wall.
  • Very easy bossfight. Use the Rattle with S to lure the creature into the light sources. Run away after using and you will be fine. Do this five times and you win.
  • Exit the room.


  • Head past the nurse and try to leave.
  • Head back to the nurse. Examine her to receive the Pharmacy Key.
  • Use the key to leave.

Floor 1, Main Area:

  • Head right and then up. Keep going up until you reach the vending machines. Examine the left one to notice a Key inside it. Remember this vending machine.
  • Medical Chart 14: Now head in the main reception area. Behind the bottom plant is the next Chart.
  • Medical Chart 1: Same room, just a bit north of the other one. It’s on a sofa in plain sight.
  • Head up and then left, so you reach the elevators. Remove the shoe from the middle one, so you can use it in the future to reach the second floor.
  • Medical Chart 19: In the middle elevator, in plain sight. Use the button next to the elevator to open it.
  • Exit elevator, go all the way to the right, into the ladies bathroom.
  • Medical Chart 6: In the toilets, in the second stall from the left.
  • Head back to the reception area, then down and to the right so you reach the exit. Go inside.

Entrance Hall:

  • Medical Chart 30: Head a bit north and it’ll be in plain sight on a sofa.
  • Medical Chart 10: Head a bit more north. This Chart is behind the plant on the left side of the room.
  • Examine the actual exit all the way up north for a cutscene.

Objective: Find Another Exit Somewhere

Entrance Hall:

  • Pull the trolley on the left, to reveal a 100 Yen Coin. Pick it up.
  • Head back south right into a cutscene.
  • Run back south.

Floor 1, Main Area:

  • Be warned, the halls are now being patrolled by enemies. They are easy to juke and move around, but the hallways are not safe anymore. Be careful.
  • Remember the vending machine? Use the 100 Yen Coin to recieve the Emergency Exit Key and two 10 Yen Coins.

Objective: Head to The Fire Escape on The Second Floor

Floor 1, Main Area:

  • You need to get back to the second floor. You can use the elevator, but there’s a Gauze right next to the Pharmacy Candle that could be useful. Not a mandatory item.

Floor 2, Main Area:

  • Head back to the Operating Room Hallway. Avoid any enemies you may encounter.

OP Room Hallway:

  • The bottom right room is the Emergency Exit. Use the Emergency Exit Key and enter for a cutscene.

MRI Room:

  • Examine the bloody sheet on the right.

Objective: Head to The Nurse’s Station

OP Room Hallway:

  • Follow Natsuki to the Main Area.

Floor 2, Main Area:

  • Follow Natsuki to the elevators. Take the elevator to the first floor.

Floor 1, Main Area:

  • Run with Natsuki towards the Pharmacy, but take a right at the Pharmacy intersection to reach the Nurse’s Station and a cutscene. If the ghost catches you, you have to rapidly press X to escape.
  • Grab the Crutch next to the counter. Select it in your inventory, and press Y to attack the monster from behind. Interact with the girl and make your way around the monster and to the right.
  • Medical Chart 20: To the right of the Nurse’s Station, in plain sight at the end of the corridor.
  • Backtrack and head inside the Nurse’s Station.

Objective: Find a Television

Nurse’s Station:

  • Move the whiteboard at the top left and examine the TV.
  • Examine the flashing light on the call list.

Here is where the game will split into two paths, the Good end and the Bad end.

BAD END: Exit the Nurse’s Station straight away.

GOOD END: See below.


Floor 1, Main Area:

  • Head west, towards the staircase. Keep in mind the halls are now patrolled by different, faster enemies. Easy to maneuver around, but be careful. Enter the ladies bathroom, after a small cutscene.

Ladies Bathroom:

  • Talk to Chiyomi in the fourth stall. Take the Toilet Paper and give it to her.

Floor 2, Main Area:

  • Head through the Office, to the OP Room Hallway and into the MRI Room, through the left door.

MRI Room:

  • Medical Chart 27: Behind the stretcher in the middle, right as you enter.
  • Medical Chart 9: On the bottom left desk, in plain sight.
  • Enter through the door on the bottom right, then exit the MRI Room with the southern door.
  • Medical Chart 21: Go to the emergency exit. Go up the stairs. The Chart is right there.
  • Enter the Operating Room, then exit and go back to the MRI Room.
  • Medical Chart 16: Now that the body is gone, this Chart is in the middle of the MRI Room.

– Head back to the Nurse’s Station.


Nurse’s Station

  • Move the top right chair, examine the vent then use the 10 Yen Coins to unscrew it. You can’t enter the vent system just yet, however.
  • Talk to Ritsuko, choose “Okay, I understand.”.
  • Walk around until you get a cutscene, then walk around again until you get another one, then again until you get a third cutscene.
  • Run to the vent.

Air Ducts:

  • Medical Chart 23: As soon as you’re out, head up and left.
  • Keep moving left until you reach a cutscene.
  • Medical Chart 13: At the intersection after the cutscene, head up and right into a dead end.
  • Go down and left and exit the ducts.

X-Ray Room:

  • Medical Chart 17: After you exit the ducts, right behind you.
  • Pick up the Consultation Record, right next to the candle.
  • In the bottom room, interact with the machine on the left to get X-Ray Image 2.
  • Examine the X-Ray bed, then the computer with the yellow sticky notes to lift the bed.
  • Grab X-Ray Image 1.
  • Turn off the lights in the top room with the switch, then attach the X-Ray Images on the screen.
  • Use the code on the door: 3285 – NOTE: May be random.

Floor 1, Main Area:

  • Heading left towards the stairs will lead into a cutscene.
  • Head to the elevators. Keep in mind there are new enemies patrolling, tougher than the other ones, and have quite a bit of range on them.

Floor 2, Main Area:

  • Head to OP Room Hallway, then to the MRI Room.

MRI Room:

  • Medical Chart 27: Behind the stretcher in the middle, right as you enter.
  • Medical Chart 9: On the bottom left desk, in plain sight.
  • Enter through the door on the bottom right.
  • Medical Chart 16: Now that the body is gone, this Chart is in the middle of the bottom MRI Room.
  • Exit the MRI Room.

OP Room Hallway:

  • Medical Chart 21: Go to the emergency exit. Go up the stairs. The Chart is right there.
  • Examine the OP Room door. Choose to remove the iron plate.

OP Room:

  • Medical Chart 8: During the bossfight, the Chart is on the right side of the room.
  • To defeat the Boss, you need to bait him into an attack, wait until he falls over, then interact with the lights in the middle of the room to damage him. Do this 4 times and you win.
  • Head all the way to the first floor using the staircase. The hallways are pitch black now, but the fire doors are now open.

Floor 1, Main Area:

  • Head down and left into the Boys Bathroom.
  • Medical Chart 22: In the boy’s bathroom, in the second stall.
  • Head towards the elevators, but take a right into the Boys Bathroom.
  • Medical Chart 11: In the boy’s bathroom, above the urinals.
  • Head back down and exit to the main entrance hall.

Entrance Hall:

  • Here we go. Dodge everything in your path and head towards the exit.
  • While Ritsuko unlocks the door, just survive. One she’s unlocked it, run to it and escape.
  • Congratulations. You’ve finished chapter 1. Not much of a “good end”, however.

EX Chapter 1

Floor 2, Main Area:

  • Head right until you get a cutscene.
  • WRONG END 1: – After the cutscene, hide in the locker.
  • WRONG END 2: – After the cutscene, keep heading right.
  • After the cutscene, at the intersection, enter the northern door, which is the door to the Office.
  • Reenter the hallway and go south. Be wary of enemies.
  • Head towards and into the OP Room Hallway. Keep in mind the obstacles are in different locations now.

OP Room Hallway:

  • In front of the OP Room is a Time Card. Pick it up.
  • Return to the Main Area.

Floor 2, Main Area:

  • Head to the Changing rooms. Go inside.

Changing Rooms:

  • Use the Time Card on the time card reader next to the Laundry Room entrance. Note the name and the date: Watari, friday.
  • The locker you need to examine is the first locker in the fourth column, the ones north of the table. Inside you’ll find an ID Card.
  • Return to the OP Room and use the ID Card to unlock it.

OP Room:

  • Grab the Emergency Exit Key from the chair.
  • Head to the emergency exit, unlock it and enter.

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