Cube World – Alpha Changes

Alpha Changes

Important Changes From Alpha (For Old Players)

Leveling System

In Alpha, you leveled up by killing mobs and collecting XP.

Now, in Beta, you no longer acquire XP from killing mobs. You can level up by collecting artifacts located in each region.

Region-Bound Items

In Beta, some important items (such as the boat) are bound to your character based on what region you are in. Each region is defined by the white border displayed on the map.

You will be unable to use these items upon entering a new region – re-unlock these items for each region you enter.

Loot Durability

Upon the death of your character, you will notice that the stats of your items will decrease. These decreases will continue for each death your character suffers.

Changing Class Specialization

In order to change your class specification, you must find a town (To find a town easily, open your map [M] and zoom in as far as possible, speckled areas resembling houses should be towns).

In the town, you must talk to the Guildmaster. It will then prompt you for which specialization you wish to change to.


In order to navigate the map more easily, you can use a method called fast traveling. In a town, find the Flight Master, he will allow you to quickly fly to your desired destination for a price. Flights to your friends are complimentary.

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