Dauntless Reagents Guide

In the Dauntless Reagents guide we will provide you all the Behemoths BreakParts and Crafting Reagents Locations, so you can farm any reagent in the game

dauntless reagents guide

Dauntless Reagents Guide – Behemoth Breakparts

A – K Behemoth Breakparts

All the breakparts, where to find them and the rarity of the breakpart:

Behemoth Breakpart Behemoth Rarity
Adamantine Scale Rockfall Skarn Rare
Aether Thorn Koshai Common
Aetheric Claw Aether Charged Behemoths Rare
Aetheric Crownplate Aether Charged Behemoths Rare
Aetheric Tail Aether Charged Behemoths Rare
Apex Riftfang Riftstalker Common
Apocalypse Horn Valomyr Common
Assassin Soul Shard Razorwing Kharabak Epic
Bloodsoul Shard Bloodfire Embermane Epic
Boreus Hide Boreus Common
Bramblespur Koshai Common
Browscale Skarn Common
Burned Gillhide Charrogg Common
Burned Hindscale Hellion Common
Burning Tailspike Embermane Common
Capacitail Stormclaw Common
Cataclysm Shard Rezakiri Epic
Caudal Thorn Koshai Common
Charred Browplate Hellion Common
Charred Tailplate Hellion Common
Charrogg Scale Charrogg Common
Chillclaw Skraev Common
Claw Shell Fragment Kharabak Common
Conductive Antler Stormclaw Common
Conductive Shockspine Shockjaw Nayzaga Rare
Corrupted Voidfeather Shrowd Rare
Cracked Biocrystal Rezakiri Common
Dark Bladefeather Shrowd Common
Dark Tailfeather Shrowd Common
Darkbeak Fragment Shrowd Common
Deadeye Spinehide Deadeye Quillshot Rare
Deadly Incisor Kharabak Common
Deadly Ovipositor Kharabak Common
Dewspine Quillshot Common
Drask Hide Drask Common
Dreadfrost Shard Dreadfrost Boreus Epic
Electroscale Drask Common
Elemental Clawgem Elemental Behemoths Rare
Elemental Furyplate Raging Elemental Behemoths Rare
Elemental Furytail Raging Elemental Behemoths Rare
Elemental Furytooth Raging Elemental Behemoths Rare
Elemental Skullgem Elemental Behemoths Rare
Elemental Tailgem Elemental Behemoths Rare
Emberhorn Embermane Common
Embermane Hide Embermane Common
Exoskeletal Plate Rezakiri Common
Fractal Eyetooth Drask Common
Fractal Hide Valomyr Rare
Frosted Tailplate Pangar Common
Frostmantle Skraev Rare
Frostsoul Shard Frostback Pangar Epic
Frostwing Shardfeather Skraev Common
Frozen Hindplate Pangar Common
Furious Ragescale Ragetail Gnasher Rare
Galactic Shard Valomyr Epic
Glinttooth Stormclaw Common
Gnasher Hide Gnasher Common
Gnasher Shinplate Gnasher Common
Hellhide Hellion Common
Hellstone Shard Scorchstone Hellion Epic
Hoof Chip Boreus Common
Horn Fragment Boreus Common
Iceshatter Shard Skraev Epic
Icy Browplate Pangar Common
Icy Frostback Scale Frostback Pangar Rare
Icy Hindscale Boreus Common
Impaler Shard Deadeye Quillshot Epic
Jagged Sparkscale Drask Common
Jagged Tailspike Quillshot Common
Kharabak Chitin Kharabak Common

L – W Behemoth Breakparts

All the breakparts, where to find them and the rarity of the breakpart:

Behemoth Breakpart Behemoth Rarity
Lumbering Flamesoul Shard Firebrand Charrogg Epic
Luminescent Chitin Rezakiri Rare
Lustrous Tailplate Rezakiri Common
Nayzaga Chitin Nayzaga Common
Neutral Clawgem Neutral Behemoths Rare
Neutral Furyplate Raging Neutral Behemoths Rare
Neutral Furytail Raging Neutral Behemoths Rare
Neutral Furytooth Raging Neutral Behemoths Rare
Neutral Skullgem Neutral Behemoths Rare
Neutral Tailgem Neutral Behemoths Rare
Nightbringer Riftspike Riftstalker Common
Nightmare Shard Shrowd Epic
Pangar Scale Pangar Common
Pristine Moonfeather Moonreaver Shrike Rare
Protean Fang Valomyr Common
Psionic Scale Dreadfrost Boreus Rare
Quillshard Quillshot Common
Quillshot Hide Quillshot Common
Quillshot Tusk Quillshot Common
Radiant Aethergem Rezakiri Common
Radiant Dewclaw Valomyr Common
Ragesoul Shard Ragetail Gnasher Epic
Ragetooth Gnasher Common
Razor Beak Shrike Common
Rending Voidclaw Riftstalker Common
Rezakiri Chitin Rezakiri Common
Rifthide Riftstalker Common
Riftsoul Shard Riftstalker Epic
Rockscale Skarn Common
Savage Hooktooth Embermane Common
Scorched Rockhide Charrogg Common
Scorchscale Scorchstone Hellion Rare
Sharpened Slapper Gnasher Common
Shattered Frostbeak Skraev Common
Shockheart Shard Shockjaw Nayzaga Epic
Shocktooth Nayzaga Common
Shrike Bladefeather Shrike Common
Shrike Tailfeather Shrike Common
Shrikedown Shrike Common
Shrowd Feather Shrowd Common
Skraev Feather Skraev Common
Skraev Tailfeather Skraev Common
Sleek Razorwing Chitin Razorwing Kharabak Rare
Smoked Dewclaw Embermane Common
Smoldering Bloodhide Bloodfire Embermane Rare
Smoldering Firebrand Scale Firebrand Charrogg Rare
Smoldering Horn Charrogg Common
Smoldering Tailspike Charrogg Common
Sparkclaw Nayzaga Common
Sparkspine Nayzaga Common
Splintered Antler Koshai Common
Stone Fragments Skarn Common
Stoneheart Shard Rockfall Skarn Epic
Stony Hide Skarn Common
Stormclaw Hide Stormclaw Common
Stormheart Shard Stormclaw Epic
Thornsoul Shard Koshai Epic
Thundering Scale Drask Rare
Thundersoul Shard Drask Epic
Torn Shrikefeather Shrike Common
Twisted Shadowspur Shrowd Common
Unstable Nullhide Riftstalker Rare
Unstable Tailspike Valomyr Common
Valomyr Hide Valomyr Common
Vinetooth Koshai Common
Vital Thorn Koshai Rare
Volthoof Stormclaw Common
Voltscale Stormclaw Rare
Windsoul Shard Moonreaver Shrike Epic

Dauntless Reagents Guide – Crafting Reagents

All the Crafting Reagents and How to obtain them:

Crafting Reagent How to Obtain?
Blaze Orb Blaze Behemoths
Dashleaf The Shattered Isles
Dull Arcstone Threat Level 8-12 Behemoths
Frost Orb Frost Behemoths
Heart Lily The Shattered Isles
Ironthistle The Shattered Isles
Neutral Orb Neutral Behemoths
Omnistone The Shattered Isles
Peerless Arcstone Threat Level 17+ Behemoths
Phoenix Opal The Shattered Isles
Shining Arcstone Threat Level 13-16 Behemoths
Shock Orb Shock Behemoths
Skybloom The Shattered Isles
Slayer’s Boon The Shattered Isles
Terra Orb Terra Behemoths
Wrathwort The Shattered Isles

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