Disco Elysium – Fishing Village Enter

Fishing Village Enter

The Fishing Village and all points north of it are areas that are not open until Day 3. A canal to the southwest separates the city from the Fishing Village, and the water lock is open when you begin. The water lock is damaged and must be repaired, but this happens automatically and off-screen before you wake up on Day 3.

The water lock control is a tiny box next to the pawnshop. Head southwest from the hotel to find the pawnshop at the end of the street, but do not enter. Just west of the pawnshop is a small control box planted in the ground. You can interact with it early, but it won’t do anything until Day 3.

disco elysium fishing village enter

Starting on Day 3, you can interact with it to close the water lock; no skill check will be required. After that, the water lock will stay permanently closed and will serve as a bridge that allows you to walk across the canal.

Once across, you can go north into a Fishing Village made up of shanties. Farther north are two important buildings, a church to the northeast and the abandoned Feld R&D building just to the west of the church. The Feld R&D building is surrounded by a boardwalk, also called the abandoned fish markets. Finally, going farther north using a path between the church and the R&D building will take you to the tip of the peninsula, which is called Land’s End. Get used to all these locations as you’ll be coming back frequently for other quests and events.

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