Dragalia Lost Best Adventurer – Tier List

In the Dragalia Lost Best Adventurer Tier List you will find the best adventurers of every elemental in the game ranked by tier.

Dragalia Lost best adventurer tier list

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Dragalia Lost Best Adventurer – Tier 1

The best Dragalia Lost´s Adventurer according to their element. If you are only cared about winning you should have these adventurers in your team:

  • Fire: Mikoto
  • Water: Lily and also Xander
  • Wind: Maribelle
  • Light: Hildegarde and also H. Elisanne
  • Darkness: None

Dragalia Lost Best Adventurer – Tier 2

They are not as good as the tier 1´s adventurer, but they are still really good ones. If you have them in your team will be most of the times a great choice:

  • Fire: NaveedEzelith and also Verica
  • Water: XainfriedKarina and also Orsem
  • Wind: LouiseMusashi and also Lowen
  • Light: Julietta
  • Darkness: Kleimann and also Orion

(Be aware that in the actual meta the Darkness elemental is the weakest)

Dragalia Lost Best Adventurer – Tier 3

The Tier 3´s Adventurer have some weaknesses, but still a lot to offer. Future changes in the meta may allow them to move up to a higher tier.

  • Fire: VanessaKarlEudenSinoaMelsa and also Aoi
  • Water: ElisanneCelliera and also Luther
  • Wind: HawkEleonora and also Aeeleen
  • Light: Amane
  • Darkness: Nefaria and also Zace

Tier 4

You can use these tier 4´s adventurers in your team but dont expect to much about them, and try to replace them by a higher tier adventurer as soon as you can:

  • Fire: Xania
  • Water: Ricardt
  • Wind: Melody
  • Light: H. AlthemiaRyozenLinus and also H. Edward
  • Darkness: CleoAlthemiaEdwardRodrigoVida and also Vice

Tier 5 & 6

Try to avoid the rest of the adventurers, at least untill the meta changes. Maybe you can find sinergies in very particular cases. But in general terms, none of them are worthwile.

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