Dragalia Lost Best Dragons – Tier List

In the Dragalia Lost Best Dragons Tier List you will find the best dragons of every elemental in the game ranked by tier.

Dragalia Lost best adventurer tier list

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Dragalia Lost Best Dragons – Tier 1

These are the Heavyweights among the Dragons in Dragalia Lost. Hard to get, but the best choice without any doubt if you want to focuss in winning and improving your team as fast as you can

  • Fire: AgniCerberus and also Phoenix
  • Water: Leviathan
  • Wind: Zephyr
  • Light: None
  • Darkness: None

Note: Fire and water are the best dragon´s elementals.

Dragalia Lost Best Dragons – Tier 2

The tier 2´s are also great choices, so dont misprize any of these dragons:

  • Fire: NaveedEzelith and also Verica
  • Water: XainfriedKarina and also Orsem
  • Wind: LouiseMusashi and also Lowen
  • Light: Julietta
  • Darkness: Nidhogg and also Juggernaut

Be aware that there are not tier 1´s dragons with the Light or Darkness elementals.

Dragalia Lost Best Dragons – Tier 3

The tier 3´s dragons are quite good, but with some weaknesses. So you can use them if you dont have better ones, but try to replace them as soon as you can:

  • Fire: Brunhilda
  • Water: Poliahu
  • Wind: None
  • Light: None
  • Darkness: Silke and also Zodiark

Tier 4

In this tier you will find a lot of dragons. But none o them is worthwile. So dont spend time and efforts with them and change them as soon as you can

  • Fire: Homura
  • Water: Fubuki
  • Wind: MidgardsormrTsumujiStribog and also Zephyr Imp
  • Light: Astral ImpHinataJupiter and also Unicorn
  • Darkness: Hikage

Tier 5 & 6

If you are looking for dragons that you dont find in the previous tiers is because they belong to the Tier 5 or Tier 6. All the dragons in these two tiers have to much weaknesses to include them in a team. So unless the actual meta changes, are dragons to avoid

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