FIFA 20 – Goalkeeper Controls

There are multiple ways to play as a keeper in FIFA 20. This guide focuses on how to take control of your goalie mid-game, giving you the ability to fool online opponents.

How to Control the Goalkeeper

fifa 20 goalkeeper

High-rated online players often rely on manual goalkeeping to make key saves. You can do this by clicking and holding in the right-stick, and then moving it around to control the keeper’s movement.

The full list of goalkeeper controls (outside of Be A Pro and Pro Clubs) are:

  • Drop Kick: Circle or Square/B or X
  • Throw/Pass: Cross/A
  • Drop Ball: Triangle/Y
  • Pick Up Ball: R1/RB
  • Driven Throw: R1 & Cross/RB & A
  • Driven Kick: R1 & Square/RB & X
  • Move Goalkeeper: R3/RS (Hold) & Right-Stick
  • GK Cover Far Post: R3/RS (Hold)
  • Switch To GK: Touch Pad/View Button
  • Rush Goalkeeper Out: Triangle/Y (Press & Hold)
  • Goalkeeper Cross Intercept: Triangle/Y + Triangle/Y (Press & Hold)

The latter of these controls (Goalkeeper Cross Intercept) is brand-new to FIFA 20. With this, you can force the keeper out of goal to collect crosses, allowing you to nullify one-dimensional players online.

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