FIFA 20 – Improve Your VOLTA Team

Fifa 20 How To Improve Your VOLTA Team

Play 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 games both offline and online in FIFA’s brand-new street football mode. This page includes FIFA 20 VOLTA tips for winning matches in modes such as Kick Off, VOLTA Tour, and VOLTA League.

Pay Attention To Team Chemistry

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While not as in-depth as in FIFA Ultimate Team, you’ll still want to keep an eye on Team Chemistry in VOLTA. Your squad’s Chemistry has an effect on how well they perform, and can be enhanced in a few simple ways.

The best way to boost it is by simply playing your team members in their assigned positions. You can also improve it further by accommodating players’ favorite formations, giving you a slight edge on the pitch.

Upgrade Your Skill Tree

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Your created player benefits from attribute upgrades every time they complete a game in VOLTA, but any Skill Points they earn need to be applied manually. This can be done via the Skill Tree section in the menu.

The Skill Tree allows you to customise how your player develops over time. Want them to be a prolific finisher, pacey midfielder, or perhaps a defensive powerhouse? Apply your Skill Points accordingly.

Recruit Players When You Win

FIFA 20 Improve Your VOLTA Team 3

When you win a game in VOLTA Football, you’re typically offered the chance to recruit a player (a copy of someone from the opposing side) for your team.

Naturally, it’s best to opt for players with the best ratings, as their stats can’t improve over time. Their customisation features also don’t carry over, so you’ll need to apply vanity options manually.

And when you lose, don’t worry — you still get to keep your own players. You might, however, come across a clone of your created character in the future!

Earn More Coins Via Tournaments

FIFA 20 Improve Your VOLTA Team 4

You get a few hundred coins for winning games in VOLTA Tour and VOLTA League, allowing you to acquire new items in the Shop. To earn thousands of VOLTA Coins at once, however, you’ll need to start winning some tournaments.

In VOLTA Tour, this means completing the multi-stage tournaments at a difficulty level of your choosing. In the online-based VOLTA League, you’ll need to acquire enough points to earn promotion to a higher division.

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