FIFA 20 – Tips and Tricks

Important Tips for Beginners

Try Out Different Camera Settings

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There are lots of different camera angles you can use in FIFA 20, and the default isn’t necessarily the best option. Plenty of pro players favor the Tele Broadcast angle, while others enjoy the Co-op camera due to its wide approach and increased visibility. I’ve personally become a big fan of the TV-like Broadcast view in recent years.

Be sure to go ahead and alter your default camera settings when you find one you like. Some individual modes, such as Pro Clubs, include their own camera settings, so you’ll need to make sure you change these ahead of time to avoid beginning games with the wrong camera.

Pay Attention To The FIFA Trainer

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The FIFA Trainer is a feature that was introduced a few years ago, and is automatically turned on when you start FIFA 20. It works to provide dynamic, text-based hints, giving you constant gameplay suggestions as you play through each match.

For example, the FIFA Trainer might suggest passing or crossing the ball when bursting down the wing, providing a visual indication of how to do so. It also assists by helping you with features such as Timed Finishing, working to increase your accuracy in front of goal.

The FIFA Trainer is ultimately a good way of getting to grips with the basics of gameplay in FIFA 20, and as your skills improve, you can customise how much information it provides in the FIFA Trainer menu.

Let Skill Games Teach You The Basics

FIFA 20 Tips and Tricks 3

If you’re new to the FIFA series or in need of a refresher after some time away, try checking out the Skill Games section. You’ll find it as part of the ‘Play’ menu in the bottom-right hand corner, where you’ll also be able to access the Practice Arena as well.

Skill games include categories for Basics, Passing, Dribbling, Defending, and Shooting, with over 60 drills to learn from. You can also use these Skill Games to compete against your friends, with leaderboards allowing you to track how well you’ve all performed on each task.

Customise The Controls As Required

FIFA 20 Tips and Tricks 4

You can alter FIFA 20’s controls in a variety of ways. The best way to do this is by going to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Customise Controls’, where you’ll find the ability to change various options, including how much assistance the game gives you on the pitch.

This is also where you can change the preset control scheme to one-button or two-button configurations. These setups can be a great way of getting accustomed to the game for new players.

How To Win More Games In FIFA 20

Play Patient Football

FIFA 20 Tips and Tricks 8

It’s easy to find yourself sprinting too often, and focusing your efforts too intently on playing forward passes. Instead, it can often be better to pass sideways or even backwards, adopting a more patient approach.

This allows you to create more space, using clever passing and tight dribbling to generate attacking opportunities. Try to avoid utilising the sprint button when in crowded situations, and you’ll likely find yourself playing a more creative style of football.

Learn To Conquer Timed Finishing

FIFA 20 Tips and Tricks 9

Timed Finishing was a feature introduced in last year’s game, and although its effectiveness has been slightly reduced in FIFA 20, it remains a fantastic method of scoring long-range goals.

As the name suggests, it works by rewarding perfect timing with accurate shots. You need to tap the shoot button twice to get it to work — one to set your power, and a second to achieve the perfect timing just as your player strikes the ball.

It’s not the easiest feature to get the hang of, and poor execution results in misplaced kicks, so try using the aforementioned FIFA Trainer to get detailed visual feedback on your timing.

Take Advantage Of Pacey Players

FIFA 20 Tips and Tricks 10

Pace has long been an important commodity in FIFA, and this year it proves a little more effective than it did in FIFA 19. It particularly benefits wingers and strikers, with defenders no longer able to catch up quite so easily.

We’ve already mentioned the perils of sprinting too often, but these specific players can do a great job of breaking away with the ball at their feet. Look for them making darting runs beyond the defence, and bring pacey stars off the bench for an extra burst of speed late on.

Focus On Your Defensive Positioning

FIFA 20 Tips and Tricks 11

There’s a much greater focus on defensive gameplay in FIFA 20. This means you need to think more carefully about how you position your players, and in return, you’ll be rewarded with plenty of clean sheets.

It also means you need to be more careful about diving in for tackles, with a tight defensive line proving critical to success in most cases. Try to avoid pulling players out of position too regularly, as both the CPU and online opponents can easily take advantage of it.

Finally, avoid letting the AI do too much defending for you. This was a common tactic in last year’s game, but has since been altered, with manual defending being rewarded more consistently this time around.

Tips For Mastering FIFA 20’s New Gameplay Features

Make Use Of Strafe Dribbling

FIFA 20 Tips and Tricks 5

The new Strafe Dribbling feature in FIFA 20 allows you to make agile adjustments when on the ball, such as dragging it backwards or manoeuvring sideways to get away from opposition defenders.

It’s really easy to activate, too — just hold the L1/LB button and move your player as normal to enter Strafe Dribbling mode. You can also hold both L1/LB and R1/RB to lock the angle of your dribble, preventing your player from automatically facing the opposition’s goal.

Strafe Dribbling serves as a great way for skilled attackers to make close-control movements, fooling defenders and setting up lethal attacking opportunities.

Manually Set Up Your Shots

FIFA 20 Tips and Tricks 6

By holding the R1/RB button and using the right-stick, you can manually set up shots (and passes) by pushing the ball slightly ahead of you. When pulled off correctly, this can result in fantastic scoring opportunities.

The downside to this new feature is how much time and space is required to use it, which you’re rarely afforded, particularly in online games. If the opportunity does present itself, make sure you aim your touch accurately with the right-stick, and you’ll be best placed to pull off a long-range screamer.

Learn The New Set Pieces

FIFA 20 Tips and Tricks 7

There’s a new system for both free-kicks and penalties in FIFA 20, with the former proving particularly confusing at first glance. You’ll want to familiarise yourself with these new mechanics as quickly as possible.

Free-kicks now require you to move a reticule around the goal, and then use the right-stick to apply various types of spin. It’s a bit confusing at first, but you soon get the hang of it — we’ll provide a full guide to mastering these in the near future.

Penalties also use a reticule-based targeting system, where adding power increases the element of risk. These are a little more self-explanatory, but you’ll still want to get in plenty of practice before heading online.

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