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Ultimate Team News

FIFA Ultimate Team has been one of the series’ most popular modes since its introduction back in FIFA 09. The goal is to collect players and establish a dream squad, all the while competing both online and offline.

There are multiple ways to play in FIFA Ultimate Team. They are as follows:

  • Squad Battles allows you to play against offline versions of other players’ teams. Rack up more points throughout the week to earn better rewards.
  • Division Rivals is an online-based feature which sees you competing with others across various divisions to earn the highest rank possible per-week.
  • FUT Champions is where FUT 20’s best online players compete for high-stakes rewards in the Weekend League. You can earn access to this via Division Rivals.
  • FUT Draft is all about creating temporary star-filled teams for use in mini-offline or online tournaments. You receive rewards based on how well you do.
  • Friendlies allows you to play against friends and the community in a casual manner, including new House Rules modes such as Mystery Ball and King of the Hill.

To acquire new players, you can either purchase packs from the Store (available in Bronze, Silver, and Gold varieties), or use the in-game Transfer Market to sell and purchase specific items.

Additionally, you can trade-in sets of players for rewards via the Squad Building Challenges feature. The prizes on offer include FUT Coins and various packs, as well as special, SBC-only player items.

What’s New In FIFA 20 Ultimate Team?

Revamped Squad Management Screen

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There’s a brand-new look to the Squad Management screen in Ultimate Team this year. The idea is to provide a more intuitive layout, in which you can you access your club, the Transfer Market, and new customization features (see below) with ease.

The Player Actions menu also receives an overhaul, adopting a radial-style approach packed with various options. All of these systems take a bit of getting used to, but quickly become second-nature.

Seasons Objectives

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Arguably the biggest new feature in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team is Seasons Objectives. It’s split into various sections — Season Objectives, Milestones, and Foundations.

The main goal is to earn XP by completing various tasks, which increases your Level in the Season Progress section. Advancing to new Levels means you can unlock better rewards throughout the Season, while some objectives offer specific rewards as well.

Limited-time objectives are included, too, while Milestones and Foundations reward you for playing lots of games and learning the basics of FUT 20.

New Customization Options

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There are plenty of new ways to customize your team’s look this year. This includes the likes of Stadium Themes, Tifos, and custom celebrations, and many of these can be earned via Seasonal Objectives.

You can get as creative as you like with these — go all-out with cartoon-y graphics or adopt a more traditional style with realistic kits and badges. You’ll find the Customize menu included as part of the aforementioned revamped Squad Management screen.

FUT Friendlies Overhaul

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If you want to play games with your friends, there are far more options to do so this year. And importantly, FUT Friendlies allows you to play locally, online, and even with complete strangers.

New ways to play friendlies this year include House Rules, with variants such as Max Chemistry, King of the Hill, Mystery Ball, and No Rules available. You can still play standard 11v11 games, of course, and there’s also a more in-depth stat tracking system this year.

Additionally, friendlies no longer take up contracts or fitness, meaning you’re free to play as many games as you like without restrictions.

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