Himno – Achievement Guide

Achievement Guide

Short guide on how to obtain the achievements of Himno.

himno achievements guide 1

Nothing to say about these. Just stroll around a bit and they’ll unlock by themself.

himno achievements guide 2

There’s but 1 reason to level up in Himno: You need a certain level to release wisps. Each wisp will tell you the required level.

Note, that you can level infinitely per district. Collecting the yellow gems is definitely the fastest way, but if you’re only 1-2 levels short of a wisp and don’t want to continue on to the next district, just keep jumping, which rewards you with 2exp per jump, or dashing, for 4exp per execution.

Wisps are those little fellas:

himno achievements guide 3

himno achievements guide 4

You need to find and use 15 dash runes for this one. Activating the same rune for 15 times doesn’t do you anything.

The white dash booster aren’t working for this achievement. You need to find these:

Note: A fast way to get the 15 dash runes is to enter the door you start out on to reload the stage until there’s a rune that spawns close you that you can get. After that you can restart the process again.

himno achievements guide 5

himno achievements guide 6

Well, just keep playing. Took me about 2 hours.

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