How to get Diamonds in Royale High – Roblox

Do you know How to get Diamonds in Royale High? There are several ways you can get diamonds totally free, and of course we will explain them below

how to get diamonds in royale high

Diamonds in Royale High – Find the Locations

These are the diamonds spawn points & also the colours:

Common – 1 Diamond: At the School Building, look for them on the roofs, the flags and also the tower.

Magenta & Yellow – 5 Diamonds: At the Swimming pool, look for them on the highest diving board

Green – 10 Diamonds: At the Art Room (behind the windows), at the tower at the back of the forest (behind spawn), and also at the mermaid cave (behind the waterfall and the swimming pool), look for a green spike there.

Red – 20 Diamonds: At the Campus (by the fire at the principal’s office), At the Art Room (behind the windows), at the forest (inside a tent behind spawn), and also at the light house (top) in the island behind the baking classroom

Diamonds in Royale High – Level Up

Each time you level up you will earn 300 diamonds

Diamonds in Royale High – Royale Ball

If you win the Royale Ball (there are allways 2 winners), you will earn 500 diamonds as reward

Dancing at the Ball

At the ball, if you dance with another player and you complete levels you will receive diamonds:

  • 1º level: 10 diamonds
  • 2º level: 20 diamonds
  • 3º level: 30 diamonds
  • 4º level: 40 diamonds
  • 5º level: 50 diamonds
  • 6º level: 60 diamonds
  • 7º level: 70 diamonds
  • 8º level: 80 diamonds
  • 9º level: 90 diamonds
  • 10º level: 100 diamonds

Is not easy, you need to click the arrows according to the timing, but there are 550 diamonds waiting for you if you complete the 10 levels

Game Pass Bonus

With a game pass you can multiply the amount of diamonds you earn:

  • 2x diamonds game pass
  • 4x diamonds game pass

So for example the bonus for leveling up would be 600 and 1,200 respectively. And you can also use both game passes at the same time. But the bonus is not 2×4 = 8, instead is 2+4 = 6. So, in the same example, your bounus for leveling up would be 600 + 1,200 = 1,800

The only thing is that the game pass can just be bought with Robux

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