How to Sell Cars on NFS Heat?

Quick guide about how to sell cars on NFS Heat, because in Need for Speed Heat everything is about buying, selling and customizing cars

how to sell cars on nfs heat

How to Sell Cars on NFS Heat – Step by Step

These are the steps to sell cars on Need For Speed Heat:

1- Go to the Garage

2- Select ShowCase (left shoulder)

3- Select Toggle My Garage:  So you can see your rides instead of your crew’s (X on Xbox One or Square on PS4)

4- Select the car you want to sell

5- Select the option Sell Car

So, of course before selling a car you need to have it in your garage, but there is another requirement: you need to be not currently using it. And take in mind that you will get back about 60% of the purchase price

How to Sell Cars on Need For Speed Heat – Video Guide

If you want you can also check this video guide from youtuber OTRgamerTV about selling cars:

What Car to Sell?

There are tons of car in the game, just try not to sell the best ones. Check the Car List, where you will see all the available cars and also the best cars of the game. You can also check all the Flamingo Locations to get the Porsche Cayman GT4’15

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