Katana ZERO – Speedrun Achievement Guide

Video showing setting and speedrun playthrough.

Speedrun Golden Achievement

Video shows how to get speedrun achievement. Wanted to share as I know a lot of you will be frustrated not knowing. Still working on this achievement myself so compiled this info from other users who have gotten the achievement and giving the credit all to them.

Per the champion Joey Asagiri you have to beat a speedrun under 29 minutes to get the golden achievement.

Also player Kainalo on YouTube mentioned some great tips to save time. In options you want screenshake to 0%, hitpause to be 0%, response time to x1, as well as skip rewind to on. You also want landing roll off to prevent an automated roll and you might want cursor lock on. Restart and rewind FX turned to off will also slash time.

Video work 100% goes to Fivda and their awesome gaming skills on YouTube.

Speedrun Walkthrough Video Guide

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