Later Alligator – Puzzle Pieces and Family Badge

Puzzle Pieces and Family Badge

Family Badges

Family badges are used to fill out the family tree minigame with Lovely Maria, most can be found at any time. A few can only be found at certain intervals throughout the game.

Fun District

-Slick Mickey.
Lovely Maria.

-Sweet Geraldine (partially hidden by one of the arcade machines).

-Pat. Progress through the game and you’ll get this one early on.
-Nervous Derry. Progress through the game until Pat asks you about shoes, he’ll appear in the hotel.

Memorial Park

-Gentle Lorenzo.
-Tin Lizzy.
-Skids Valentino (the little guy in the background).
-Two Ton Tony.
-Lil’ Giovanni.

Unsavoury Part of Town

-Prince Valentino.
-Princess Valentino.

Very Adult Bar:
-Bobby Blue Eyes.
-The Knife.
-Tall Jared.

Down Town


Nana Rue’s Shop:
-Nana Rue.
-Diamond Alice. This is the little fella moving around the shop, you’ll have to be quick.
-The Black Widow.

Back of Nana Rue’s Shop.
-Angelface (the babymonitor).


-Baby Faced Constance (You have to have beaten Nana Rue at old maid in the CURRENT playthrough).
-Good Ole’ Clancy (You have to beat Baby Faced Constance at old maid, then ride the trolley and click the open door). Complete two of his puzzles.

9th Street

Underground Tunnel:
Coffin Room:
-Big Mama.

Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle pieces are used to assemble motivational puzzles for Good Ole’ Clancy (The trolley driver).

The Trolley

1. The train route above the door.

Fun District

  • Street:

1. Hotel sign that reads “Click and drag up and down!”
2. “Bro Dega” sign in the background to the right.
3. The flower the balcony alligator is staring at (You have to click and drag upwards, as the hotel sign suggests).
4. Exhaust dialogue with Sleazarious (Night only).
5. Exhaust dialogue with Fifthwilliam the Fourth (Night only).
6. Mailbox (Night only, the one Lovely Maria usually stands next to).

  • Arcade:

1. Vampire Punter arcade machine controls.
2. Exhaust dialogue with Artie (the alligator hiding under the curtains).
3. The second skee-ball machine.
4. A prize inside the claw machine minigame, keep in mind it doesn’t always show up. It showed up on round three for me.
5. Beat the Joanie’s pinball minigame.

  • Hotel:

1. Tower of cups.
2. Left table after pat calls you to unlock his room, you can’t get it while he’s sitting there.
3. Left chandelier.
4. Talk to Nervous Derry after Pat calls you about shoes.
5. Beat the shoe minigame (progress through the storyline).
6. Spoilers for the end of the game.The cake at the party.

Memorial Park

1. Crying fountain statue.
2. Bridge.
3. Eat-Mergency sign.
4. The very top of the gazebo, easy to miss ( credit goes to homestuck for this one).
5. Exhaust dialogue with Theresa after Pat calls you to unlock his room, may have to exhaust their dialogue before as well ( credit goes to Mila Buncake for this one).

Unsavoury Part of Town

  • Street:

1. Very Adult Bar sign.
2. Drain.
3. Trash bags.

  • Very Adult Bar:

1. Exit sign.
2. Sippie cups sign.
3. Left bathroom.
4. One of the bar stools (credit goes to Sun Paladin for discovering this one!).

  • Girls Girls Girls:

1. You’ll get it when you enter.
2. Clock.
3. Exhaust dialogue with Sal.

Down Town

  • Street:

1. Eye sign on Nana Rue’s shop.
2. Trash bin near shop.
3. Left window on the rightmost building.
4. Complete Papouli’s sliding puzzle minigame legitimately (Yes, I cried too).
5. Exhaust Dialogue with sleepypants in the after Pat calls you to unlock his room, may have to exhaust his dialogue before he calls you as well for this to unlock.

  • Nana Rue’s Shop:

1. Cash Register.
2. The Matryoshka dolls to the right (You know, those stacking dolls that have smaller dolls inside?).
3. The swords.
4. The safe.

  • Back of Nana Rue’s Shop:

1. Lamp.
2. Mirror.
3. Typewriter.

9th Street

  • Underground Tunnel:

1. Fan inside trolley.
2. Track Barrier.

  • Coffin Room:

1. The container.

Unlocking 9th Street

1. Beat Nana Rue at old maid.
2. Beat Baby Faced Constance at old maid. After beating Nana Rue she should appear on the trolley.
3. Solve Good Ole’ Clancy’s first puzzle. He’s the trolley rider, and his door will open once you’ve beaten Baby Faced Constance at old maid.

After you’ve helped Clancy he’ll give you the ripped out piece of your map, which let’s you go to 9th street.

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