Milfy City Guide Walkthrough

Welcome to Milfy City Guide Walkthrough, where we will provide you all the tips and secrets to reach the highest levels in all the relationships available in the game

milfy city guide walkthrough

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Milfy City Guide Walkthrough – Console Command Money

There are methods to earn money in the game, you can wot in Caroline’s Clothes Shop, or you can also play the minigame on the PC.

But if you want instant money, nothing better than the console command cheat for money:, where X is the amount of money you want.

Milfy City Guide Walkthrough – Linda

Find the complete step by step walkthrough: Linda Route. If you just want some tips and guide:

Linda Level – 1

  • Talk with her every time you can
  • Ask her husband 3 times for money
  • Go to her bedroom and check the book on the shelf
  • When she is in the bathroom use the Spy Camera to spy her
  • Go to her workplace to visit her at least twice, you will also earn some money

Linda Level – 2

  • Talk to her in the morning
  • Then in the afternoon do the cleaning job
  • At night spy her
  • Talk to her again next morning and tell about the night
  • Next night spy on her
  • In the next afternoon do the cleaning job again
  • In the morning talk to her again
  • Go to Bob’s workplace and talk with Zuri Twice (2 consecutive days), and the second day ask about the weekend
  • Next morning talk to Linda and ask her about the weekend
  • Go to the shop and buy red wine
  • Finally the next friday choose Weekend event

Linda relation level higher than 2 unlocks Zuri Relation

Milfy City Guide Walkthrough – Zuri & Suri

Find the complete step by step walkthrough: Zuri & Suri Route. If you just want some tips and guide:

Zuri Level – 0

  • Talk to her as many times you can, the time of the day doesn’t matter
  • Go to her house
  • Go to Bob’s office and check the note on the desk
  • Talk to her after that
  • Go to her house again
  • Find her drawer, take the note, open the safe (below the desk), leave the note and finally go talk to her
  • Go to her house
  • Next morning first talk to her, then talk to Bob and finally go meet Zuri again
  • Go to her house
  • Finally, after 3 days you will receive an SMS from her, then go to her house. But there are 2 possible scenes depending on the Lie or True choice.

Milfy City Guide Walkthrough – Sara

Find the complete step by step walkthrough: Sara Route. If you just want some tips and guide:

Sara Level – 1

  • Play with her (games) in the evening
  • Check her drawer (you need a few talks in the morning first
  • Buy a cheap controller and switch it in her bedroom
  • Next evening play with her again
  • And finally go to the scholl to talk to her

Milfy City Guide Walkthrough – Caroline

Find the complete step by step walkthrough: Caroline Route. If you just want some tips and guide:

Caroline Level – 1

  • Talk to her in the morning
  • Go to Caroline’s Clothes shop and work there, you will also earn some money. But if you already have some money do each piece of outfit a few times before the last one
  • In her workplace Unlock window and go there at night
  • Go to Caroline’s bedroom and use the Spare Key at night (you can buy the camera in the shop)

Caroline Level – 2

  • Talk to Caroline in the morning and also in the evening
  • Play her cosplay game at least 4 times (all clothes)
  • Visit her in her workplace in the afternoon
  • Talk to her in the evening
  • Go to her workplace again and take the nail polish
  • Visit her in the evening and tell about the nail polish
  • Go to Dark Alley
  • In your bedroom talk twice to her in the morning
  • Finally go outside the house and talk to her at night

Milfy City Guide Walkthrough – Celia

Find the complete step by step walkthrough: Celia Route. If you just want some tips and guide:

Celia Level – 1

  • In the classroom, while she is not around, take her key
  • Go to the Teacher’s break room and take her note with the password
  • Go to the computer and use the password (Ossa36)
  • Talk to Therapist Judy, take her envelope and use it in your locker
  • Now you can put things in her locker (Teacher’s break room), like envelope, items from the s*ex shop…
  • Install the webcam software on the computer, you can buy it at the shop, and then talk with her in the evening as many times you need untill you both have fun
  • After the cam show you can give her orders using the webcam

Milfy City Guide Walkthrough – Liza & Yazmin

Find the complete step by step walkthrough: Liza & Yazmin Route.

Milfy City Guide Walkthrough – Secrets

  • There are secret scenes behind the monitor, in your bedroom, but you have to click on the hand image

Secret Cards locations

  • Garage: by the tire rack
  • Outside the garage: on the left side
  • Outside your house: On the far right post of the porch
  • Your bedroom: Behind your bed, on the left
  • S*ex Shop: On the shelf
  • First hallway of the School: On one of the lockers (middle)
  • Second hallway of the School: Behind a rusty bucket
  • Your classroom: on the desk in the right corner
  • Third hallway of the School: Under the third locker (left)
  • Moms Office: There are 2, first on the floor, to the left of the plant, and second on the middle shelf

Milfy City Guide Walkthrough – Xmas Episode

Xmas is a Christmas episode where you have to find some keys and candies to unlock scenes. So, if you want the locations, check the Xmas Guide & Walkthrough

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