Mordhau – Knight Guide

Knight Guide


1) Find some good music to listen to. I prefer Sabaton. Literally anything from them screams “Knights!”

2) If its a tin can, it gets the reverse grip

3) You will die 5 seconds after your health drops to 0. Use it wisely, use it to kill your opponent.

4) If you have a dagger, it is not only beneficial to throw it, it is your obligation to do so

5) Ending them rightly is the silent way of saying off. It won’t get you a kill, however

6) Gank.

7) If you listen to the song of storms 10 min version on loop while playing the knight, +5 all stats

8) When charging, stab the opponent as if your sword were a lance

9) Brigands are your worst knightmare. They are everything you are but faster.

10) When in doubt, justing kick

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