Oxygen not included Hydrogen guide

Welcome to the Oxygen not included Hydrogen guide, where we will show you all the methods to obtain it and also the main uses (buildings, facilities and resources) of one of the most important resources in the game.


Oxygen not included Hydrogen – How to obtain?

There are several methods to obtain Hydrogen:

  • Naturally: In the Caustic Biome, but in small quantities
  • Electrolyzer: Requires Water and electricity, but is the best way to produce Hydrogen
  • Vents: Hydrogen vents produce hydrogen also

Oxygen not included Hydrogen – Main Uses

Hydrogen is a source of power and also a heat transfer agent. But you can also use it to produce some resources:


  • Condensation Point – Liquid Hydrogen: -252.15 °C

Buildings & Facilities

These Buildings & Facilities require Hydrogen:

  • Gas Pump: to obtain energy or power
  • Hydrogen generator: to obtain energy or power
  • Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier: to cool down gases
  • Hydrogen Engine: is the most powerful rocket engine, but requires Liquid Hydrogen (see condensation point above)


You need Hydrogen to produce these resources:

  • Red Fiber: Use Dreckos or also Glossy Dreckos in Hydrogen atmosphere
  • Plastic: Use Dreckos or also Glossy Dreckos in Hydrogen atmosphere

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