Oxygen not included Polluted Water guide

Welcome to the Oxygen not included Polluted Water guide, where we will show you all the methods to obtain it and also the main uses (resources, food, plants, materials, buildings) of one of the most common resources in the game.

oxygen not included water guide

Oxygen not included Polluted Water – How to obtain?

There are several methods to obtain Polluted water, is one of the easiest resources to get

  • Geysers: Cool Slush and also Polluted water vents, both types produce polluted water
  • Lavatory, Shower, Wash Basin, and Sink: Water into polluted water
  • Algae distillers: Need Slime as resource
  • Carbon Skimmers: Require power and also clean water
  • Duplicants: When they vomit or also when they don’t reach the toilet
  • Petroleum generators: Need Petroleum or also Ethanol as resource
  • Natural gas generators: Need Natural Gas as resource

Oxygen not included Polluted Water – Main Uses

Ice & Steam

  • Freezing Point – Polluted Ice: -20.65 °C
  • Vaporization Point – Steam Polluted Oxygen: 119.35 °C
  • Sublimation: Polluted Oxygen


You need polluted water to produce these resources, we provide you the output and also the source:

  • Clean Water: Water Sieve and also Pacu (Critter)
  • Food: Pincha peppernut (pincha pepper)
  • Materials: Red Fiber (Thimble Reed), Lumber (Arbor Tree) and also Fertilizer (Fertilizer synthesizer)

Buildings & Facilities

These Buildings & facilities require polluted water, we provide you the source and also the output:

  • Water Sieve: To produce clean water
  • Fertilizer synthesizer: to produce Fertilizer

Plants & Critters

These Plants require polluted water, we provide you the source and also the output:

  • Pincha pepper: to produce Pincha peppernut
  • Thimble Reed: to produce Red Fiber
  • Arbor Tree: to produce Lumber
  • Pacu: To produce clean water

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