Pathfinder : Kingmaker – Portal Destinations

List of Where Each Portal Goes

Not every portal is immediately available. Activating runes in the rooms will unlock portals, as well as eventually removing the barrier blocking you from proceeding with the main quest. When they have all been activated, it will release the creature in the middle of the starting room. That’s when you know you’ve fully explored the maze.

The rooms are named after the first impression made upon entering. Hopefully they’re obvious and memorable, without being too much of a spoiler. Regardless, do consider this a spoiler warning. The Centaur room could also be remembered as the Flower room, if you did not befriend them.

There are only 1-3 portals in each room, so hopefully that’s clear as well. In the starting room, I called the portal next to the first rune the “upper left”. I’ve considered the shimmering barrier on the far end of the room to be the “top”.

Portal Destinations

pathfinder kingmaker portal destinations 1

pathfinder kingmaker portal destinations 2

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