Payday 2 – Sentry Build

Payday 2 Sentry Gun Build


You need the 2nd infamy level: “Unlocking the Infamy Tree” and “Set of the Corrupted”.

Payday 2 Sentry Build 1

Sentry Skills

Payday 2 Sentry Build 2

Payday 2 Sentry Build 3

Payday 2 Sentry Build 4

Payday 2 Sentry Build 5

Sentry Skills (Non-infamy)

Payday 2 Sentry Build 6

Payday 2 Sentry Build 7

Payday 2 Sentry Build 8

Payday 2 Sentry Build 9

Sentry Perk Deck

Payday 2 Sentry Build 10

We gonna use the most weak perk in the game – anarchist, cuz I allready bored to see infiltrators in every lobby. In suit our armor will regenerate 10 points every 2 secs. For damaging enemies you regenerate 10 points with 1,5 secs cooldown.

Our armor with help of our weapons will restores very quick, cuc anarcist works very good with fire ammo of shotguns. By the way, anarchist don’t work with turrets. That’s why we have to play more active. And the most importand thing – immortality for 2 secs after armor broke. It has 15-secs-cooldown.

Sentry Weapons

Primary – Izhma

Payday 2 Sentry Build 11


  • Fire ammo
  • Short Barrel
  • Donald’s Horizontal Leveller
  • Concealment boost
  • Auto Fire
  • Hollow Handle
  • Compact Laser Module
  • AK Rubber Grip
  • Big Brother Magazine
  • Skeletal Stock

Secondary – Grimm 12g

Payday 2 Sentry Build 12


  • Fire ammo
  • Donald’s Horizontal Leveller
  • Concealment boost
  • Auto Fire
  • Little Brother Foregrip
  • Compact Laser Module
  • Big Brother Magazine



  • Buzzer
  • Electrical brass knukles


  • Suit


  • Flashbang
  • Javeline
  • Knifes

Whatever you wish, but don’t forget you need to kill bulldozers also.


You can take 6 turrets or 2 med bags and 2 sentry guns. Your choise.

Sentry Gun Playstyle

How to Play


Seriously, a lot of builds that players make can fail if you don’t take cover. Be it, ICTV or Suit, you are not invincible (especially on Mayhem+). So always stick to cover as much as you can.


This is a very essential part of the build, your mobility. Use your mobility to go from cover to cover, picking up ammo as you go, managing your sentries and many other tasks you can do.


Even with sentries, you still have defend yourself especially if you’re far away from your sentry or teammates. You have 2 rapid firing weapons to your advantage, why not spray lead to your enemies.


  • Balance out your ammo for yourself and your sentries. You need ammo for your self-defense and for your sentries too.
  • Don’t hesitate to deploy your ammo bag if ammo boxes are insufficient. Not only you need to use it, but your team does. Share them your ammo.
  • If you’re using your ammo bag for your teammates, then pick up most of the ammo boxes dropped. You have a very high ammo pickup rate after all, so why not use it to your advantage.
  • Grenades are your friend. Use them against groups of enemies.
  • And of course, stick to your teammates. You are a support player after all. Provide cover for your teammates using your sentries.

Tips & Tricks


This is where micromanagement comes in. Your sentries are not invincible. One less sentry means less overall firepower. Picking it up and placing it back in will repair it and refill its ammo.


The bulk of your firepower for your sentries is from the AP ammo it uses. It’s ammo efficient, very damaging and the best of all, can penetrate armor and shields. Switch your sentries to use AP ammo.


Especially on areas where you can’t go back. Always pick them up when you’re done using it and place it somewhere close to your teammates, objectives and areas of high traffic.


  • Your sentries can still be targeted if it doesn’t have ammo or if it’s a suppressed variant. Manage your sentries.
  • To ensure maximum survivability of your sentries, place them near a wall or corner, providing a very wide coverage for it to shoot. Your sentries has a nice range too so feel free to put them a bit far, but not too far.
  • As much as possible, do not place your sentries on open areas or near where cops spawn in as it can be destroyed rather easily. Good sentry placements are areas of high traffic, objectives, power boxes, hallways, and of course, near teammates.
  • For extra firepower, place more sentries nearby. Usually, a pair of sentries together is more than enough but feel free to add more. This will increase the overall damage output you can deal.
  • Your sentries can deal with specials and Captain Winters nicely (say goodbye to shields), though it does have trouble killing snipers. If it does, then use your primary weapon to deal with them.
  • Bulldozers can destroy a sentry if left unchecked. Use your sentry and your weapon or your team to deal with dozers.
  • Avoid SWAT Van Turrets! Especially on Mayhem+, your sentries can’t deal enough damage to destroy a SWAT Van Turret and will be devastating for your sentries.

Video Guide

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