Power Simulator Scavenger Hunt – Meteor Fragments Locations

Welcome to the Power Simulator Scavenger Hunt. We will provide you the locations of all the meteor fragments or shards (15), to get the seeker skill

power simulator scavenger hunt meteor fragments locations

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Power Simulator Scavenger Hunt – The Quest

You have to find and also collect 15 shards for Baro (NPC) and you will receive a new skill, Seeker, from him.

The 15 Shards are Meteor Fragments, and each one of them has a different color. So below we will provide you the location of every shard or fragment:

Power Simulator Scavenger Hunt – Meteor Fragments Locations

We provide you all the meteor fragments locations (15) below:

  • Red Shard or meteor fragment: Construction building (2nd floor)
  • Orange Shard or meteor fragment: Hospital’s roof (by the hospital sign)
  • Yellow Shard or meteor fragment: Top of a mountain (by the green meteor)
  • Green Shard or meteor fragment: Oil Rig (on Top)
  • Blue Shard or meteor fragment: Dance club (Top, by the signs)
  • Purple Shard or meteor fragment: By the Firehouse, or also by the crane storage area
  • Pink Shard or meteor fragment: Merchandise store (inside)
  • White Shard or meteor fragment: Dark Surge’s Cave lair (underside of the bridge)
  • Black Shard or meteor fragment: Nuclear Plant (Training area, outside)
  • Teal Shard or meteor fragment: Ruined Castle towers (on top)
  • Magma Shard or meteor fragment: Subway by the trampoline (Inside)
  • Void Shard or meteor fragment: Shipwreck parts (inside)
  • Magic Shard or meteor fragment: Big Island (underneath)
  • Electric Shard or meteor fragment: Dark Surge’s mountain lair (On top)
  • Godly Shard or meteor fragment: Cave next to the gym (inside)

If you have find them all, look for Baro, he will give you the skill Seeker

Videoguide – Locations

And to finish a videoguide with all the locations of the shards or meteor fragments from the youtuber Gaming Dan



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