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Rage 2 – Cheat Codes

Rage 2 Cheat Codes

Cheats codes available in the game

rage 2 cheats codes

He’s on fire – changes voice-overs on Tim Kitzrow’s.

Git Gud – makes enemies die from one blow.

Son of Thor – enemies are electrocuted when they are nearby.

Klegg Support – summons Klegg Clayton as your ally.

Phoenix Rejector Seat – the player stays on the ground when the Phoenix hovers in the air.

How to use cheat codes?

If you have bought a pre-order of RAGE 2 – you will automatically get “He’s On Fire” cheat code. Thanks to this, it will be available in the menu immediately after running the game.

The rest of the codes can be bought from Wasteland Wizard. This is an NPC that you can face while exploring the game world. He sells cheats for the currency available in the game.

If you have already received any code, you can run it in the game menu.

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