Rage 2 – Nightmare Modes FIX

Nightmare Modes FIX

Quite a few People have notcied that the game is a breeze, even on the hardest difficulty, one shotting enemies etc the reason for this is the intended values reset back to easy on game relog/restart, however keeping the players chosen difficulty making it seem nothing is wrong.
Through extensive testing over a few hours and on multiple saves, i have discovered that this is the case, undeniably.
I have however found a fix, (though this will need to be re-repeated upon relog/restart, until it’s fixed)


Step 1 : Load save, go into the game, pause go to difficulty and select easiest difficulty. back out so the values apply.

Step 2 : Go back into the difficulty menu, re-select your intended difficulty (hard/nightmare) unpause, and ta-da!

Written by Playing Lol

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