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Nightmare Guide

If you don’t want your Remnant: From the Ashes experience spoiled, read our beginner guide instead. If you don’t care, we have both tips and a walkthrough to make beating the final boss a walk in the park. After beating both final boss phases Dreamer and Nightmare multiple times, I’ve picked up a few tricks. We also have an advanced guide with some extra tips in general.

Tips for Fighting the Final Boss, Dreamer & Nightmare

This is a reminder that this is the final boss and obviously major spoilers for Remnant. Now that we have that out of the way, there’s some basic information to know before even fighting the final boss.

Weapons recommended include an automatic gun and a rifle to deal high damage per hit. I used a Hunting Rifle and the Spitfire. The consumables you’ll want are a lot of Bloodwort (10-20), Ammo Boxes (5-10), Frenzy Dust (5), and Bandages (3).

Quick tips before the full walkthrough:

  • Use Bloodwort in the Void to regenerate health.
  • Use Ammo Boxes so you’re not reliant on ammo from adds.
  • Use a rifle for high damage on adds in the void and on the Dreamer & Nightmare weak point.
  • Use an automatic weapon for quick damage on Nightmare after leaving the Void. Frenzy
  • Dust can speed this up.
  • Don’t waste ammo on Nightmare until he’s vulnerable.
  • Ignore Void bosses.
  • Use the 60-minute buffs mentioned in our advanced guide.

remnant from the ashes nightmare 1

How to Beat the Dreamer in Remnant: From the Ashes

The first section of the final boss battle is exceptionally straightforward. You’re going to fight the boss in its initial form, looking like a Doctor Octopus rip-off, mixed with the machinery one would the Weapon-X version of Wolverine to have on once he had the adamantium. The boss is going to serve several attacks with its floating, robotic tentacles, lashing out against you. One of the attacks is where it rushes forward to your location, swirling them all around them in a tornado of pain. You can easily dodge this attack by diving to the left or right, dealing damage when you’re ready.

During this fight, you’re going to see minions spawning in to protect the Dreamer. You can ignore them, as the Dreamer is extraordinarily squishy and you’ll want to take them out as quickly as possible.

Many players might feel a bit confused about calling this the “final” boss fight, given how easy it is to damage the Dreamer. Don’t worry. The next phase changes that when the Dreamer becomes the Nightmare.

How to Beat the Nightmare in Remnant: From the Ashes

The Nightmare phase is where the boss fight gets interesting because you’re actually fighting the boss now. This fight is likely to confuse most people playing Remnant because the only way you learn how to beat Nightmare is by figuring it out on accident.

Most bosses in Remnant are as simple as shoot them to deal damage and kill swarming minions/adds in the way. Occasionally a boss might have a phase where they’re invincible, but it’s pretty clear. Nightmare is practically invincible until you get a damage buff from an area he teleports you to. We’ll call it the Void.

Before the boss teleports you to the Void, he’s, unfortunately, pretty simple. He shoots a few orbs at you that deal a good chunk of damage but can be strafed out of. You don’t even need to dodge roll if you’re far enough. After a few orb attacks, Nightmare teleports you to the Void.

The Void deals damage over time, and adds will constantly respawn here. On top of the adds, bosses will also spawn here after a short amount of time. By killing the adds, you’ll gain a damage buff shown at the bottom right corner. For each add you kill, you’ll gain one stack of the buff. I usually aim for 10-15 stacks, but if I need to get out in a rush, I leave early. To combat the damage over time, you can use Bloodwort and stay there much longer.

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The way you leave the Void is by finding a portal randomly placed somewhere around you. If your portal isn’t showing, this is a known bug that requires restarting Remnant. Once you leave through the portal with your damage stacks, you’ll deal a significant amount of damage to Nightmare for a short duration.

If you deal enough damage with your buff, Nightmare’s chest opens a weak point spot for a ton of damage on him in the center. You only get a few seconds out of this weak point, so I recommend whatever weapon has ammo and does a lot of damage in one hit. My Hunting Rifle dealt anywhere from 350k to 450k damage per hit, compared to my Spitfire dealing 3k to 6k damage with the damage buff and no weak point.

Once you leave the Void, you reappear close to Nightmare and his orbs slightly home toward you now. I usually dodge once or twice, deal damage, and take small damage from an area of effect hit. However, after your damage buff ends, the fight resorts to the same few orb attacks and Nightmare teleporting you to the Void again.

If you have a strong rifle, be sure to use that against the adds in the Void. I used my Hunting Rifle to quickly kill the Root enemies that mostly spawn there while saving my Spitfire ammo for Nightmare when I got out. It doesn’t hurt to collect ammo in the Void, but you want to make sure you fill your clips before leaving.


After killing the boss, players are going to receive the ingredient Dreamer’s Mana, the Orb of Undoing, and the trait Mind’s Eye.

Players can use Dreamer’s Mana to craft the Repulsor weapon, which is a long gun. The Orb of Undoing is going to reset a character’s trait points, giving the player a chance to craft a brand new build. The trait, Mind’s Eye, increases a character’s ranged damage by 1.25 percent per trait point spent on it.

Recommended Remnant Weapon Mods

One final note, since I didn’t mention weapon mods much here. The Spitfire is locked to a flamethrower weapon mod, so I didn’t get much use out of that in this boss fight. A few weapon mods in Remnant I’d recommend are below:

  • Mender’s Aura – Heals you and friends in a circle helping fight the Void damage.
  • Flicker Cloak – Provides a shield absorbing up to 200 percent of your max HP for 30 seconds. I never got this weapon mod, so I can’t speak to how well it works. But it could be great for the Void damage.
  • Breath of the Desert  Discharge seven radiation orbs toward nearby enemies dealing damage. This is good for both the damage buff on Nightmare and weak point.
  • Song of Swords – Creates an aura that increases your damage and others by 30 percent for 30 seconds. I never got this either, but it’d have to be killer on dealing damage to Nightmare.

Differences Between Solo and Multiplayer

The Nightmare phase only changes slightly when there is more than one player, but it can lead to a frustrating scenario. First, the usual Remnant scaling to multiplayer applies where enemies will have more health, which can prolong the fight. Second, instead of Nightmare only shooting orbs at a solo player, now there are Root adds outside the Void.

Also, in multiplayer, the person teleported to the Void is always random. This can lead to the same person being teleported five times in a row or more. It can be frustrating if that person is under-leveled, doesn’t have consumables, doesn’t stack the damage buff, or is otherwise hindered.

Otherwise, the fight plays mostly the same. The only tip I can give for multiplayer over solo in Remnant is to prioritize the adds if you’re on the outside. The person fighting in the Void is the only one that gets the damage buff when they come out. Therefore, other players are useless against Nightmare until a weak point opens. You want to make sure your damage dealer isn’t getting attacked by Root adds.

Remnant: From the Ashes Nightmare & Dreamer Video Guide

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