Shenron Wishes in Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission

Shenron Wishes in Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission is the reward after finding the seven super dragon balls, but what wish to choose?

shenron wishes in super dragon ball heroes world mission

Shenron Wishes in Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission – How To…?

To summon Shenron you need to find the Seven Super Dragon Balls. After you find the 7th ball, Shenron will be summoned automatically, and then you will be able to choose one of the 9 wishes.

So the tricky part here is to find the 7 super dragon balls. And there is not a cheat or similar, but of course there are faster ways as you can check in this farming guide:

Just one tip: Dont find the seventh super dragon ball until you want to use the wish. Because once you find the 7th ball  Shenron will appear and you will have to choose one wish.

Shenron Wishes in Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission – Full List

There are 9 wishes and you can just choose one:

Promote My Avatar to Super Class

Unlocks the next tier or class of your avatar. In our opinion, this wish is the best choice. You can upgrade the class more than once, first you can upgrade to super class, then to Ultimate class and finally to god class. And of course every class is stronger than the previous one. For example, if you are a Saiyan and you upgrade the class 3 times, your avatar will become Super Saiyan Blue

Change My Avatar

You can change the race with this wish, in fact is the only way. But your level will be reduced to level 1. So, instead of using this wish, we recommend you to take a look at the races

Grant Me More Exp

500 extra XP

Greatly Increase My Camarederie

This will increase Camaraderie with allies from your last battle

Grant me a Battle Module

This will grant you a rare module

Teach me a Super Attack

This will teach you a powerful Super Attack

Teach me an ability

You learned the Saiyan ability Super Saiyan. As we recommend you, is better to improve the class.

Increase my module slots

This will increase current module slots

Grant me a Shenron Medal

Save them up for something special. We will uptade this guide as soon as we discover what “something special” means

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