SimAirport Money Cheat

Wellcome to our SimAirport Money Cheat guide, where will provide you the steps to become as rich as you want in the game.

simairport money cheat

SimAirport Money Cheat

SimAirport Money Cheat – A Cheat?

Dont worry we are not going to show you mods, hacks or anything to download. To have unlimited money in SimAirport you just have to edit the airport save file, and it is really easy:

SimAirport Money Cheat – Steps

Follow this steps to find & edit the save file and become as rich as you want in a couple of minutes:

1- Open the game and you can check how much money you have (top of the screen)

2- Save your airport and click the circle button you will find in the bottom right corner of the screen.

3- Open the airport save file with notepad (text editor). The name of the file is nameofyourairport.airport, is an AIRPORT File Type and you will find it in the “SavesDir” folder.

4- Search for the word “Balance”, if you dont find it you can use CTRL + F and type Balance. You will find a line like this: “balance”:xxx, where xxx is the money you have

5- Edit “xxx” and type whatever you want, for example 1000000 if you want to have one million dollars.

6- Save and close the notepad

7- Open the game again and check how much money you have (top of the screen). You should have exactly what you have typed before.

And this is how you can have unlimited money in SimAirport. Of course you can edit the airport save file as many times as you want.

SimAirport Money Cheat – Video

If you dont find anything, maybe this video helps you to use the money cheat:

For more money cheats you can also check.

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