Summertime Saga Daisy – Route & Walkthrough

Welcome to Summertime Saga Daisy – Route & Walkthrough, where we will provide you all the steps to unlock all the scenes available

summertime saga debbie route walkthrough

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Summertime Saga Daisy – Requirements

  • Money: At least $5,270
  • Complete Diane‘s Route
  • Roxxy‘s Route: Progress until you beat Dexter at basketball

Summertime Saga Daisy – Walkthrough

Mysterious Statue – Daisy’s route

You need to find the 3 parts of the Mysterious Statue:

  • Bottom part: Complete Diane’s Barn and look for Richard (Annie’s father)
  • Middle part: Go to the trailer part and ask Clyde abut his dog. Buy the Pink Beaver Pluhs (Cupid store – mall) and give it to Clyde
  • Top part: Buy the beach house and meet consuela there on thursday afternoon, meet her again next thusday afternoon
  • Cow girls: Go to the barn, examine the statue and ask Diane for milk, then pour it on the statue and enjoy the scene.

Meet Daisy

  • Wait 3 days, go to the barn and meet Daisy
  • Wait 2 days and go to Diane’s garden to take care of the garden. You will have to go to Tony’s Pizza, buy a veggie pizza and give it to Daisy.

Final Scene – Daisy’s route

  • Wait 2 days and go to the barn. Buy sunflowers at Cupid and give them to Daisy. Talk with here untill you unlock the next scene
  • The next day go visit Daisy. But be carefull, Diane cannot be pregnant
  • And finally, next day visit Daisy again and unlock the final scene.

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summertime saga debbie route walkthrough

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