Summertime Saga Mrs Johnson – Route & Walkthrough

Welcome to Summertime Saga Mrs Johnson – Route & Walkthrough, where we will provide you all the steps to unlock all the scenes available

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Summertime Saga Mrs Johnson – Requirements

  • Dexterity 5 and also Charisma 5
  • A working computer and also a library subscription
  • Money: at least 1,350

Summertime Saga Mrs Johnson – Walkthrough

First Steps – Mrs Johnson’s route

  • Meet Erik in front of his house and you will also meet Mrs Johnson
  • Go to Erik’s basement and help him find the trading cards, there are under the aquarium, in the cabinet. But there is one card left and you have to buy it (cock crown of thorns) in Cosmic Cumics (Hillside Mall) and give it to him.
  • In the afternoon, go to the yoga room (gym) and talk to Mrs Jonhson (What was that)
  • Next day go to Erik’s basement, then to your bedroom and use the computer, type Orcette (search bar) and buy it
  • The next tuesday, in the morning check your mailbox, take the package and give it to Erik
  • Next day you will have a visit when you wake up, is Mrs Johnson, talk with here and then go visit Erik (in his bedroom). Protect Erik at school and go back home to meet Mrs Johnson and Debbie.
  • Next day go to Erik’s basement, then buy the VR Headset and the game World of Orcette in the comic store and go back with Erik.
  • Next day (morning) replace Mrs Johnson for the yoga lesson and in the evening wait Anna in the yoga Room and enjoy the yoga class
  • The day after, just inform the yoga teacher
  • Next day, in the evening, go to Erik’s house and spy Mrs Johnson’s bedroom.
  • Next day talk to Mrs Johnson first, and then to Erik

Burglar & golden key – Mrs Johnson’s route

(This step requires you have unlocked the telescope scene)

  • Once you have used the telescope, catch the burglar in Mrs Johnson’s backyard
  • Go to the police station and talk to Mrs Johnson. In the afternoon tell everything to Erik, and then talk to Larry. Go to the park and get the golden key (behind a tree)

Summertime Saga Mrs Johnson – Walkthrough

  • Go to Erik’s house, then, in the evening invite Mrs Johnson to the basement, where you have to offer her a drink. Win the game and follow her in the back room
  • Next day talk to Mrs Johnson (Erik’s house), then talk to Erik, and go back with mrs Johnson. Now the ending depends on your choice:

Mrs Johnson’s ending – With Erik

(Requirement: Don’t find a girlfriend for Erik)

  • Next day go to Erik’s bedroom, and find what mrs Johnson needs:
    • Yoga Kamasutra book: library > shelf
    • Anti preg: go to the clinic, talk to Roz, use the phone (2nd floor), open the keybox (1st floor), get the storage access card, and finally get the anti preg from the closet
  • Inform Mrs Johnson, wait one day and go to Mrs Johnson’s bedroom for your ending

Mrs Johnson’s ending – Alone

(Requirement: find a girlfriend for Erik)

  • In the evening talk to Erik about his ideal girlfriend.
  • Next day look for June (computer room) and talk to her. Convince her to be Erik’s girlfriend. Leave the school, come back, Erik will be talking to June. Then go to Mrs Johnson’s bedroom and talk with her
  • Next day go visit Mrs Johnson to her house and have your ending

June’s ending

Here we explain you how to get June‘s ending

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