The Long Drive – Beginner’s Tips

Beginner’s Tips

The Cars

Mid Engine

The mid engine car is characterized by the fact that the engine is in the back instead of the front. It requires a coolant tank in order to keep the engine cool, and oil to keep the engine running smoothly. The engine can be swapped with a larger front-engine if so desired, but replacing it with a two stroke engine is not advised.

Two Stroke

The two stroke engine is one of those weird cars that europeans drive. Both fuel and oil go into the fuel tank, which is found at the front. I would suggest 3% oil, but you should generally avoid these cars because they aren’t as reliable, and there is no viable way to swap the engine with a better one without the engine dying because there is no way to add a radiator/coolant tank.

Front Engine

The engine is in the front, it features the fastest and largest engine, otherwise it’s pretty much the same deal as the mid-engine car, except for the fact that the coolant tank is replaced with a full-on radiator.

Swapping parts isn’t crucial, but I’d advise playing with each car/engine to find the best setup for you. Keep in mind that although you can mount any of the doors, fenders, and hoods onto any of the cars, it’ll look weird, and you’ll feel weird because of it. As you go further and further down the road, keep your eyes peeled for nicer rides, you’ll never know what you might come across.

Maintaining Your Ride

Upon starting the game, you may discover that you’ve become the proud owner of a real rust bucket of a car, and that’s okay, because as of right now, there aren’t really any penalties for driving something like that. If you’re a sucker for a sexy stallion though, there are a variety of different parts laying around along the road which may serve you well. You can tell the condition of an item by looking at it; is it rusty? then it’s probably not in great condition. Simple as that, really.

If you like to live on the wild side, try stripping your car of as much unnecessary stuff as possible, tear off the doors, the hubcaps, the mirrors, everything but the engine, shell, and the wheels. Word of warning though, your car’s handling will suffer depending on how light the car is.

Packing The Essentials

Fuel Siphon

  • It’s for stealing borrowing fuel from other cars on the road, it’s best to transfer the fuel into a container before putting it into your car, make sure the fuel isn’t tainted with blood.

Fuel Container

  • For containing fuel or oil when you’ve got a surplus, or you need to transfer it from another vehicle, very useful.

Rubber Wife

  • It’s a long lonesome road, you need a companion if you’re to retain your sanity


  • For when the Rubber wife is acting up.

Pumpkin (this one is probably temporary)

  • Provides light in the darkness and can be attached to your car.

The siphon, airgun, and bb’s can be stored in your hotmenu, you can assign items to your hotmenu by pressing number’s 1-4, leave one of them open for your bare hands. Sometimes a save will lose the items in your hotmenu, so don’t get too attached.



Gearing up and down basically works just as it does in real life, it’s fairly easy to understand, but there’s also an automatic shifting option in the main menu for Americans.

Road Hazards

Basically everything that isn’t the road will kill you, so be vigilant. Running over a cactus at high speeds might seem fun until the cactus runs over you. Trees, rocks, and occasionally sandbanks will bring you to a sudden and deadly halt as well.
Another thing to make special note of is that any unsecured loot which is rattling around in your car can and will glitch through the car randomly and will send you flying, so be careful of how you pack your things and where you put them.
If you do wind up surviving getting hurled 500 meters in a random direction, always remember that the LIGHTS are always on the RIGHTS, otherwise you might get turned around.


I really wouldn’t suggest driving with a trailer, it makes handling a lot worse and is just another thing to worry about.

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