The Outer Worlds – The Big Iron Build

The Outer Worlds Big Iron Build

This build was created by AbsoluteMint on Reddit! I’d go check that link out if you want to learn more, the author wrote some backstory on the character. This build is focused on upgrading your Tactical Time Dilation ability and being proficient with ranged weaponry. You would ideally prioritize using a Handgun to get the most out of your attributes.


  • STR: 0
  • DEX: ++
  • INT: +
  • PER: ++
  • CHA: +
  • TEM: 0
  • APTITUDE: No Discernible Aptitude


  • Primary Skills: Ranged, Dialog
  • Priorities: Handguns, Persuade, Lockpick, Engineering


Tier 1

  • Toughness: +50% base health
  • Slow the World: +25% Tactical Time Dilation Meter Max
  • Strider: +25% Walk Speed
  • Resilient: +10 Base Armor Rating
  • Quick and the Dead: +50% Tactical Time Dilation Recharge Rate

Tier 2

  • The Reaper: +25% Tactical Time Dilation Meter
  • Speed Demon: +25% Movement Speed during TTD
  • Scanner: +20% Bonus to Extra Headshot / Weakspot Damage
  • Harvester: 15% Health Restored per Kill
  • We Band of Brothers: 25% Chance to reset a Companion Ability cooldown on each Critical Hit

Tier 3

  • Boom, Headshot!: Headshot kills deal 25% of their damage to enemies within 2.5m
  • Steady Hand: -100% Steady Hand: Ranged Weapon Sway / -100% Movement Penalty to Accuracy
  • Confidence: Confident: your next attack is a guaranteed Critical Hit.
  • Penetrating Shots: -10 Ranged Attacks inflict -1 Armor Rating for 10 seconds, and can stack up to
  • Tactical Master: +70% Tactical Master: Movement Speed during TTD for 5s

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