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Yes today is the day! Today we present you our 7th Overhaul for TW games. Yep 7th, we support every TW game since Shogun 2 with complete Radious style overhauls. Three Kingdoms are no different and today we can present you our first version of new overhaul on which we spend past several weeks to have it ready for you exactly today!

Big thanks to CA for creating another fresh and unique TW game, without them we would not be able to make any mods!

Before we go into mod release details please consider supporting our work, joing our Patreon so we will be able to support all released titles further, future dlcs and mainly massive mod updates for current and upcoming TW titles. Amount of work cant be really described by words, but we put into this thousands of hours and we are so happy you enjoying our mods for so many years!

And now is time to present you our latest creation, Radious Total War Mod for Three Kingdoms!

Its the first version! There will be dozens of updates, additions and much more as you are used to receive from us! But this release version is bringing back classic Radious gameplay with completely rebalanced economy for more armies, completely rebalanced unit stats for more enjoyable battles and reworked campaign AI for more agressive and challenging gameplay! Lets move to full changelog now!

Full Release Changelog

Campaign Changes:

– Economy rebalanced and reworked – every single effect is edited, tweaked and carefully balanced for that famous Radious feeling,

– Food system comprehensively reworked – food amounts from all building are rebalanced, food consumption altered. Rebalanced effects of food shortage. Army supply system tweaked to enable the player and AI to field more armies,

– Almost all building effects are rebalanced. Many buildings got additional effects making them more adequate to the players and AI needs resulting in a larger variety to choose from.

– Building costs rebalanced, higher tiers are more expensive. Instant build options cost double regular building prices,

– Trade and resources are far more important and have a larger impact on your economy,

– Unit upkeep reduced by 30%-50% for increased number of possible armies on the battlefield,

– Unit recruitment strength set to 50% (compared to vanilla 25%),

– Several early units no longer require advanced techs to be researched, instead you can get them once your generals reach ranks 2-4,

– Almost all technologies rebalanced – more interesting effects, wider tweaks again to bring them in Radious mod standards,

– Each technology takes 4 turns to research instead of 5,

– Skill points gain changes – starting at level 8 all generals get 2 skill points per level,

– Increased Governor/Army/Trade Caps on each Imperium level,

– Character skills/traits rebalanced to be more fitting for our overhaul,

– Various political and campaign effects rebalanced and edited – loyalty systems, character satisfactions and much more,

– All Ministerial positions edited to offer different effects and bonuses,

– Different effects for wives, slightly higher % chance of getting children,

– Various attrition changes,

– Added a 10% movement bonus in own regions,

Battle Changes:

– New morale system – Progressive, changes during battle rapidly, various effects tweaked. Overall results in longer and more interesting battles,

– Complete unit rebalance – Every single unit has reworked its stats, wider differences between unit types and classes. Each class has different speed, different health and much more,

– All unit tiers and classes rebalanced. Bigger differences between Levy, Regular and Elite units,

– Many new weapon classes for every unit to have wider variety of damage models (unlike vanilla 2 spears, 2 swords and 2 axes…),

– Many new armors and shields, all with rebalanced values to have greater differences between units,

– Every single weapon has its stats rebalanced, same as bonuses vs cavalry, AP damage. Every single armour and shield have also been rebalanced,

– Battles last longer – Reworked attack speed, melee defence, hit points, all unit stats to ensure it’s not over within 2-3 minutes of units clash. Far more enjoyable battle to watch and to control due to time for more strategic moves,

– Slightly increased chances of unit kill animations,

– Complete rebalance of all projectiles – Every single bow, crossbow and tons of other missile weapons has been edited to offer larger differences between types including reworked ranges, standard and AP damages, reload times etc,

– Towers rebalanced and nerfed – no longer act as gatling laser guns,

– Fatigue numbers and its effects rebalanced – Units won’t get tired anymore after 30 seconds of fighting. Various balance changes to fatigue effects like losing speed, melee and defence skills and much more – Different in Romance/Records mods, where in Records unit do tire bit faster,

– Rebalanced experience bonuses/chevrons for units – More experienced units will play higher role, will get better stats. Amount of experience for each unit and each chevron also edited.

– All General Bodyguard units have better stats to represent better their elite status on the battlefield – Records mod only.

– All General/Unit abilities and formations rebalanced – Different effects, durations, bonuses and negative traits.

AI Changes:

– Reworked AI recruitment system – AI army composition improved, and recruitment reworked so AI builds more balanced armies with larger variety of units (prepared for additional custom units),

– Rebalanced AI campaign difficulty bonuses – on higher difficulties it will be really challenge for players,

– Rebalance AI conquest decisions, AI will occupy more settlements and sack less.

AI budget slightly reworked, added higher funds limits to operate with every turn.

– Completely rebalanced AI profiles and their attributes – Overall AI will be way more active and aggressive, to offer more action and less passive gameplay to player.

Graphics Changes:

– Removed dust effects when arrows hit the ground on places where no dust would ever appear.

– Removed various dust effects when army marches on places where no dust would ever appear.

What to Expect in Future Updates:

– Garrison overhaul,

– Custom units – unique for playable factions and global ones for all,

– Army stance changes,

– Further edits to recruitment system,

– Various script and event changes,

– And much much more!


Official Steam Workshop and mod manager are not going to be available for a couple of weeks, additional steps will be required to launch the mod:

1.Put both Part 1 and 2 of the Overhaul in you steam/steamapps/Common/Total War Three Kingdoms/data folder

2.Put the script file into C:\Users(your username) \AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\ThreeKingdoms\scripts


Radious Total War Mod – Three Kingdoms

Updated – 26.05.2019:

– Rewrote some mod tables.

– Several additional unit balance changes.

– Garrison Overhaul – new progressive system of garrisons – every Major town, Resource region and additional garrison building now has different garrisons. Higher level = more troops and better units. Vanilla game upgrades garrisons only every 2-3 levels and major town garrisons are super small, that is now completely changed and reworked. Its fully savegame compatible, but current garrison retinues will be replaced only if killed or you upgrade to next tier.

– Yellow Turban garrisons are sofar vanilla and will be changed in future updates, they have own unique ones compared to rest of factions.

– Fixed bug with Zhang Fei hero very low morale.

– Higher tier towns require slightly more food.

– Building costs slightly increased on higher levels.

Updated – 27.05.2019:

– Slightly rebalanced character salaries.

– Additional unit balancing.

– Fixed garrison UI and retinues – more then 6 units in single retinue causes issues, so i created another retinue when garrison is suppose to have more then 7 units (captain + 6). For major towns level 5-10 and minor towns level 2-5.

– Few minor bug fixes.

Updated – 28.05.2019:

– Slightly increased shields/formations protection vs missiles.

– Additional unit stats balance changes, few new shields for larger diversity between unit types.

– Minor recruitment and upkeep costs changes.

– Empty Regular palace attendants technology now has proper effects.

– Various balance changes to many projectile weapons.

– Cavalry running speed slightly increased.

– Additional Security buildings no longer provides additional garrison units – since there is limit of max 2 retinues for garrison units (14 units) i buffed main town garrisons instead and this building is providing additional supplies, public order and siege weapons on walls.

Written by Playing Lol

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