Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Lag Sollution

Lag Sollution

This guide  one amazing way to fix lag issues.

How to do it?

It is extremely easy, and there is only a couple steps. They will be numbered:

Step 1: Open your library and find TABS
Step 2: Right click on the icon and select Properties
Step 3: In the Properties menu, click on Set Launch Options
Step 4: Type in -force-d3d9 and click Go
Step 5: Launch the game and experiment with the speed and lag. You may need to set your resolution lower and turn things off.
Step 6 (REQUIRED): You can experiment with the Video tab in settings but do NOT turn off Vsync. It will make the game slower.

NOTICE: This wont fix all lag and the rest of it is your computer, but this will reduce it greatly. Don’t think you can run a 100 mammoth vs 100 mammoth battle now. This is overall just a laggy game and a newer computer may be required for a smooth, lag free game.

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