Tower Defense Simulator John Guide

Welcome to the Tower Defense Simulator John Guide, where we will provide you all the info (basic stats, upgrades, costs, abilities, benefits, cosmetics) of one of the most popular towers of the game

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Tower Defense Simulator John – Basic Info

John is the most popular Tower of the game, so lets start with his base stats:

  • Coin Cost: $1,000
  • Starting Cost: $575
  • Damage: 2
  • Weapon: M16
  • Type: Ground
  • Range: 12
  • DPS: 2,5 DPS
  • Sell Price: From $143 to $5,467

Is a strong starter tower, but john’s upgrades are quite costly, as you can check below

Untill 7/19/2019 you could obtain John through the code J0nRBX, but now is only availabe through coins, at the shop. You can also check all the active codes here

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Tower Defense Simulator John – Upgrades

There are 5 upgrades, and with each of them you will increase John’s stats:


  • Cost: $450
  • Benefits: +2 Range (14), Black gloves (cosmetic) and also +$112 Sell Price ($255)

Laser Sight

  • Cost: $1,400
  • Benefits: +1 Damage (3), + Hidden Detection, 0,6 Fire Rate, Laser Sight (cosmetic) and also +$350 Sell Price ($605)


  • Cost: $3,250
  • Benefits: +1 Damage (4), +2 Range (16), M60 (cosmetic) and also +$812 Sell Price ($1,417)

Cheff Outfit

  • Cost: $6,200
  • Benefits: +3 Range (19), 0,2 Fire Rate, Chef Outfit (cosmetic) and also +$1,550 Sell Price ($2,967)

Gorilla Sounds

  • Cost: $10,000
  • Benefits: +2 Range (19), +2 Damage (6), Gorilla Sounds (ability) and also +$2,500 Sell Price ($5,467)

So if you want to fully upgrade John you will need $21,300, but you will increase its DPS from 2,5 to 30, and its range from 12 to 19

Tower Defense Simulator John – Ability

John’s only ability is Gorilla Sounds, wich has a +50% damage boost during 5 seconds for all the towers in range, but 65 seconds of cooldown. And also, of course, you will hear some gorilla sounds

Video – Gameplay

And to finish this guide, a gameplay of John, a video from the youtuber Eggrypted “How Far Can you go using John only?”:

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