Warframe – Orb Vallis Useful Labelled Maps

Useful Maps of the Orb Vallis

New to the Vallis and wanna know where to go and what to look for? Maybe you just need quick access to some maps to look at. You’ve some to the right place.

Fish, Toroids and Cave Locations

warframe orb vallis map

Fish Locations

1P: Eye-Eye, Tink, Recaster
2P & 7P: Brickie
3P & 5P: Eye-Eye, Tink, Recaster, Tromyzon
4P, 10P, 11P, 12P, 13P: Eye-Eye, Brickie, TInk, Tromyzon, Recaster
6P: Eye-Eye, Brickie, Tink
8P & 9P: Eye-Eye, Tink, Tromyzon, Recaster

1L & 2L: Sapcaddy / (Echowinder, Kriller, and Longwinder during WARM Temperature)

Caves: Scrubber, Mirewinder, Synathid, Charamote

Map Creators


All You Need to Know of the Orb Vallis

warframe orb vallis map 2

Map Creator


General Orb Vallis Map

warframe orb vallis map 3

Footnotes Left by the Creator

1- Only the Bounty location by Fortuna is permanent. Others are unlocked temporarily when you capture Corpus Outpost.

2- K-Drive races currently active on the Orb Vallis. Map is no longer updated (see comments for potential updates from community). Races change daily at 0:00 UTC.

3- All possible races locations.

Map Creator


K-Drive Race Locations

warframe orb vallis map 4

Map Creator


Fish Information Table

warframe orb vallis map 5

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