Warhammer Chaosbane – Elontril Harbinger

Elontril Guide

This is my glass cannon build for our fellow asur Elontir below will be everything you need to be as mighty as Caledor Dragontamer Himself.

Okay so the first thing you need to get is to level 50 after that farm for the following Heroics in Relic Hunt/Boss Rush on chaos or above for the best results.

Heroic Set/Gear

The Impetuous One/Morvael

  • Burning Enemies take more damage
  • The Blinding Light skill costs no skill points and is improved and deal fire damage

Pheonix Herald-Heroic Staff

  • This is another must as it creates a permanent ring of fire effect that applies DoT and does massive damage with this build if enemies get to close.

Soul Fire-Heroic Sword

  • This increases your damage for each nearby burning enemy by 40% it deals a whopping amount of damage with the above heroic items

Vortex Amulet-Heroic Amulet

  • Using a potion increases your damage by 30% for 5 seconds-very good for bosses or massive groups of mobs

Ring of Radiance-Heroic Ring

  • Performing a critical hit has a chance to reduce any current cooldowns
    cooldown reduction chance 50%

Ring of Khaines Fury-Heroic Ring

  • Performing a critical hit has a chance to grant a damage bonus for a few seconds.
  • Damage +30%
  • Duration 3 seconds

Require Skills

  • Aqshy Missile -Superior
  • Breath of Fire -Mastered
  • Pheonix Bulwark -mastered
  • Step Between Worlds -Mastered
  • Aetheric Vortex -Mastered
  • Blinding Light -Heroic

Required Passives

  • Aqshy Mastery -Mastered
  • Concentration -Superior
  • Master of the Wind -Mastered

God skills not required but the following buffs from the tree help significantly

  • Critical Damage/Chance
  • Champion Damage/Reduction
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Maximum Energy

Blessing Affixes/Gem Combination

  • Critical Damage
  • Blue/Red
  • Link
  • Red/Blue
  • Link
  • Blue/Red

Critical Damage on all of your gear as it lets us hit them massive numbers.

There you have it, Using this setup will allow you to go through any difficulty with ease and just face tank anything you want.

Written by Playing Lol

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