X4 Foundations Money Cheat

Welcome to our X4 Foundations Money Cheat guide, where will provide you the steps to become as rich as you want in the game, without hacks or mods.

x4 foundations money cheat

X4 Foundations Money Cheat – A Cheat?

Dont worry, it is not a hack or a mod, just an editable file where you can choose how much money do you want in the game. So you just need to type how much money you want. But where is the editable file and what do i need to change?

X4 Foundations Money Cheat – Steps

Be as rich as you want following this easy steps:

1- Find the Save File: Documents > EgoSoft > X4 > # File > Save File

2- Open the Save File with Notepad and edit the following lines (use CTRL + F if you dont find any of them, and type allways the same value)

  • money=”: Change the number after “
  • amount=”: Change the number after “, same number used after money=”. But be aware that you will have as many amount=” as ships you have bought. So use CTRL + F to make sure you have changed them all
  • id=”money: Change the number after “, same number used after money=”

Once you have changed all the values (type allways the same value):

3- Save and close the notepad, load up the save in X4 Foundations and check your money balance. You should have the same amount you have typed in the preious step.

Of course you can edit the Save File as many times as you want. So money wont be a problem anymore for you.

If you like mods, here you have some of the best mods in the game.

X4 Foundations Money Cheat – Video

In this video you can check all the steps we have explained you before:

Hope you enjoy beeing rich in X4 Foundations

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